Automate Server Management from the Cloud

Scale server management for your core IT infrastructure, from on-premises data centers to cloud servers to serverless infrastructure, from one secure cloud platform

IT Environments are Complex

Simplify how you manage yours with JumpCloud. Streamline the way you manage and provision access to your organization’s servers, from cloud RADIUS and LDAP servers to virtual servers. JumpCloud’s support for server infrastructure covers a wide array of Windows distributions and native support for LTS Amazon Linux, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

communication between devices

Cloud-Based Control

An agent installed on each server communicates securely to JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory platform so you can execute tasks on Linux and Windows servers with AWS, GCP, Azure, and other providers. Use tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt to install the JumpCloud agent programmatically across servers.

Secure Provisioning

Securely provision employee access to servers with 2FA settings for storage infrastructure, user-generated and admin-governed SSH keys to achieve compliance, and insights into device status.

User Access Management

Onboard new employees to on-premises or virtual servers efficiently and easily — no coding required. Plus, automate processes with APIs for limitless auto-scaling to ensure users have the right access to servers.

Server Management Tailored for Your Infrastructure

JumpCloud’s cloud-based server management services let IT and DevOps more easily execute commands, enforce configurations and policies, and more across infrastructures that are all-cloud or a mix of cloud and on-premises resources.


Create and execute scripts to manage your servers in the language of your choice and run commands on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.

commands illustration

Configurations (Policies)

Use point-and-click policies to set up security and configuration standards across your organization’s servers, individually or in groups.

configurations and policies


Use cloud LDAP to manage the access layer of container orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Docker.

cloud ldap

Active Directory Integration

Pair JumpCloud with existing AD domains to federate on-prem credentials to cloud infrastructure.

active directory integration illustration