Whiteboard Video: Office 365® Integration

Written by Jon Griffin on November 24, 2017

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Looking to gain a clearer understanding of how Office 365® integrates with Directory-as-a-Service®? Greg Keller, JumpCloud’s CPO, has spearheaded a video series where he gives viewers a deep dive into specific areas of the JumpCloud platform. The whiteboard video series is an effort to help viewers gain insight into our cloud-based directory – how it would function in your environment and how it works beneath the hood. In this episode of the whiteboard video series, Greg talks about JumpCloud’s Office 365 integration functionality, and explains how the process works. You can watch the “Office 365 | Whiteboard Video” episode by clicking play on the embedded video below.

For some additional resources, check out the Office 365 page on our site or read the O365 FAQ in our Knowledge Base.

More on Integrating O365 with JumpCloud

office 365 integration

By employing JumpCloud’s O365 integration, your organization’s O365 identities can be used for authentication to all of your IT resources. This means that admins can manage systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), cloud and on-prem servers (AWS, GCP), web and on-prem applications (LDAP, SAML), physical and virtual storage (Samba and NAS file servers), wired and WiFi networks via RADIUS, and much more, all through the Office credentials.

Why Integrate Office 365 Into Your Directory?

Microsoft® Office was one of the first productivity suites in existence, and as a result it had an extremely high usage rate. That popularity has fallen over the years with the introduction of G Suite, but the successor to the old on-prem Office, Microsoft Office 365, has still found a great deal of popularity in the enterprise. The cloud productivity suite offers email services, file storage, document creation, and much more, and as a result it has garnered a lot of companies that host their identities within O365. The downside to this is that while these identities can connect you to all of your O365 resources, they are limited when it comes to on-prem resources or cloud/local infrastructure. Resources like web applications, systems, networks, on-prem data storage, cloud and local servers, and much more all need another identity to access, leaving IT admins managing siloed identities or multiple platforms. This also means that the end user needs to remember multiple credentials as well. Not good for either the admin or the employee.

With JumpCloud’s O365 Integration, this all changes. By integrating your office 365 identities into the cloud-based directory, it enables your organization to have True Single Sign-On™. This means that your O365 identities can be used for other web applications, web and on-prem infrastructure, RADIUS authentication, and much more. End users no longer need to remember multiple identities, and admins no longer need to have multiple management techniques.

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