Why True Single Sign-On™ Matters

Written by Ryan Squires on February 6, 2019

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True Single Sign-On can be a buzzword with not a lot of meaning for most business owners and executives. Many are probably wondering what SSO is and why True Single Sign-On matters at all to them. Honestly, it’s a fair question. For most business leaders, getting into the nitty gritty details of a particular technology doesn’t make a lot of sense. But, when it comes to the concept of True Single Sign-On, execs and owners may want to make an exception.

True Single Sign-On Enables Productivity

Why is True Single Sign-on important?

One of the most critical and important actions for an organization is making sure that their employees are productive. That means arming them with the tools and technology required to accomplish their jobs, while ensuring that these tools don’t do anything to create extra overhead, friction, or frustration for the end user. After all, an organization’s employees are trying to do the best they can as quickly as they can, so technology needs to act as an enabler for them, not a hindrance.

To further unpack that last statement, there are new and innovative technologies that can change the game for modern organizations. Think about the possibility of eliminating on-prem data centers through the use of AWS® or simplifying accounting through solutions such as QuickBooks Online. In both scenarios, the overhead that generally accompanies the traditional (data centers and manual accounting tasks) is greatly streamlined via new technology. Of course, there are countless other examples where manual tasks can be automated, on-prem equipment and infrastructure can be eliminated, and data analytics tools can be leveraged to help generate more revenue. Factors like these are absolutely the bailiwick of business owners and executives because they translate into more revenue and less costs.

Middle Ground Between On-Prem and Cloud

True Single Sign-On for cloud based resources

The challenge, however, centers on how to connect users to these modern, game-changing IT resources. Historically, this was done through Microsoft® tools and technology (Active Directory®) because virtually all of an organization’s IT resources were Windows-based and on-prem. Nothing was in the cloud, so mechanisms to connect to it were not at the forefront of owners’, execs’, or IT admins’ minds. But, as the IT landscape shifted away from Windows®-based tools to the cloud, organizations struggled with the concept of connecting users to these new, profoundly innovative tools—and doing so in a secure way.

Both of these issues are critical because the overhead of managing user access at a growing company can be debilitating and cause massive security issues which ultimately could lead to compliance problems. So, what we propose is that you look into a tool that can connect you and your users to any IT resources, cloud or on-prem, with a single set of credentials. And, that’s how we come full circle to True Single Sign-On.

Why True Single Sign-On Matters

True SSO for on prem and cloud resources

True SSO matters because it enables your organization to leverage all the new, innovative solutions of the day while providing the tooling to utilize your existing on-prem investments. That’s what True Single Sign-On does, it provides users the ability to log in to all of their IT resources with one set of credentials. That means users can access their system (Windows, Mac®, or Linux®), cloud infrastructure (AWS®, Azure®, GCE), files in the cloud or on prem (NAS/Samba devices, G Drive™, Box™), web applications (G Suite™, Slack, Salesforce®), legacy applications (Jira®, OpenVPN™, MySQL), networks via RADIUS, and a whole lot more with a single set of credentials. Users can say goodbye to friction and frustration while owners and execs say hello to the possibilities of increased revenue via cloud solutions. It all comes by way of JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®.

Learn More About JumpCloud®

Ready to leverage all the new possibilities set forth by the cloud? Schedule a demo today to see how the product works. Or, if you just want to try it out, sign up for a free account. Our free account is full-featured and enables you to manage up to 10 users for free, forever. With it, you get a comprehensive idea of exactly why True Single Sign-On matters for both your bottom line and users alike. Additionally, check out our YouTube channel for up-to-date information on JumpCloud’s newest features, helpful whiteboard videos, and best practices.

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