OneLogin Has Been Acquired: What Happens Next?

Written by Brenna Lee on October 5, 2021

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While little is known about the eventual outcome of One Identity by Quest acquiring OneLogin, in terms of specific changes or issues that may arise, one thing for sure is that moments like these provide IT teams a chance to reassess strategy and convince leadership that now is a good time to make a change, especially if this desire for change has been felt for some time, but unable to be acted upon.

Reacting To The News and Making A Plan of Attack

Whenever an acquisition event occurs concerning an organization that provides a product or service you use, it’s an opportune time to reflect on your own organization’s needs and goals. A great process for making and acting on a plan of attack involves: 

  1. Jotting down questions and concerns that are top-of-mind
  2. Reaching out to the company to get answers to your questions directly from the source
  3. Making educated guesses on what will happen next based on the information you got directly from the company, reliable media coverage, analyst reports, and past actions and performance by the acquiring company
  4. Visiting review sites and forums to learn more about the acquiring company and what other options exist in case you decide to make a switch
  5. Assessing your organization’s current and future needs and goals to see what aligns or doesn’t align
  6. Making a decision about staying with the company being acquired or moving to a more stable and scalable solution based on the expected fallout of the acquisition

Top-of-Mind Questions

News like this can create tension and unease for current customers — there are many unknowns, and unknowns are a huge security concern in the technology space. What’s more, most news and analysis you may find on acquisitions, especially those in the technology space, tend to be focused on the financial implications and don’t often provide perspective on the effects it has on current and future customers. These unnerving feelings tend to bring up some common questions among existing product users such as:

  • Is the product going to be changed in a way that will make it obsolete for us?
  • How might this affect the product’s roadmap?
  • Are prices going to go up?
  • Is the level of support I get going to be negatively affected? 
  • Is the quality of support going to deteriorate?
  • Is the overall product quality that I’m used to going to change?
  • Are my contacts at the company going to depart?

These are all important to consider, because any significant changes in any one of these categories can result in drastic consequences for your organization’s bottom-line, user experience, security, or overall resource management/allocation. 

Commonly Seen Acquisition Themes

There are some common themes that can be seen across acquisitions in any industry. Some of these are: 

  • Prices may increase due to new management perspective and the need to offset the cost of the acquisition itself
  • Products are changed or dropped completely to fit in with the acquiring company’s strategy
  • Support becomes chaotic as new teams learn the acquired product and support systems transition
  • Product quality can go in one of two directions — which is hard to determine until it’s too late
  • Engagement on the customer-facing end happens at a slower pace due to transition challenges, and
  • Many of the people you are used to working with and have built relationships with will depart, sometimes forcing you to start from ground zero with new representatives

After you have outlined a plan of attack and considered all relevant factors, we have some recommendations for moving forward that we’d like to provide you with. The plan you have in mind should be fluid enough to be changed as new information becomes available, but sturdy enough to be turned into actionable items. 


OneLogin Has Been Acquired: Recommendations For Moving Forward

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