How to Ensure Organizational Security With JumpCloud

Written by Brandon White on September 17, 2020

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Security is simultaneously the number one priority and challenge for most IT teams. Small or large, all organizations that are responsible for customer data must put security in the forefront of their business model.

At JumpCloud, that responsibility is twofold. Not only do we protect our customer’s data but also our customer’s customers’ data. So it’s only natural that we have a lot to say about how to handle IT security.

What Is the Biggest Security Risk?

Let’s start with the biggest risk: insecure identities. With end users who either aren’t tech savvy or maybe just less aware of security protocols, one compromised set of credentials can be all it takes to breach an organization’s data.

The good news is that there are solutions to dramatically decrease the risk of a compromise. This field in IT is known as Identity Management and it covers everything from the management of access, to IT resources. A cloud directory platform like JumpCloud is meant to not only connect users to their IT resources such as systems, applications, files, and networks, but to also protect user’s identities.

How Does JumpCloud Secure Identities?

When you implement JumpCloud, there are multiple practices in place that ensure data security.

In addition to securely storing identities only via one-way hashed and salted credentials and a robust infrastructure, JumpCloud provides specific tools for both administrators and end users to keep their organization safe. 

Check out some of the tools designed for total security:

  • Password management capabilities. As part of JumpCloud’s directory services, IT admins have the capability to enforce strong password controls, securely store passwords, and use Multi-Factor Authentications (MFA) for maximum security during logins.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) key management. A SSH key is a private/public key pair that allows for secure remote login from one computer to another. Managing SSH keys are simpler than ever through JumpCloud, because users can self manage multiple SSH key pairs, increasing security, and saving you time.
  • Anti-phishing features. Typical anti-phishing procedures rely on a combination of education and email filtering. But by eliminating the need to change passwords on a website, JumpCloud’s revolutionary anti-phishing procedures stop phishing before it can even start.

Giving Access Power to IT Admins

A crucial element of security is giving the IT organization full control over identity and access management.

That’s why it’s essential for IT administrators to have deep provisioning and deprovisioning capabilities across a wide range of IT resources including laptops, servers, web applications, VPNs, file servers, and more.  Ensuring that the right users have the right level of access may be job number one when it comes to identity management. 

This is where multi-factor authentication (MFA) comes in. Adding MFA to each level of access is critical to validating that the user is who they say they are. 

Adding the extra step of MFA doesn’t need to be difficult. Technology is meant to help people do their jobs better, not create blockers in their workflow. With JumpCloud, IT admins have the choice of using a wide range of authenticator applications such as Google or Duo, or hardware tokens such as Yubikey or Titan.

Hardware Management

Identities are used on a hardware platform such as a Windows®, Mac®, or Linux® device. Of course, securing that device is an important part of the identity management process. After all, a system is the gateway to a user’s IT resources. 

IT admins can make sure that a user’s system is protected. JumpCloud’s fully featured system management capabilities include support for the Apple MDM protocol, hundreds of pre-built GPO-like policies, and the ability to execute custom scripts and commands across your cross-platform systems fleet. Our extensive suite of policies enable admins to regulate software updates, full disk encryption, screen saver lock, and many more. 

Total Security With JumpCloud

The combination of the above are what make JumpCloud’s identity management easy for IT organizations and end users alike. With secure identities, your organization can do what it does best: serve your customers! 

Want to give it a try? Create a JumpCloud Free account: You get 10 users and 10 systems with all of our premium functionality in a fully functioning account, plus 10 days of premium 24×7 in-app chat support. Give security the prioritization it deserves, without any additional strain on your organization. 

Brandon White

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