Q3 2023 Partner Roadmap & Vision

Written by David Worthington on September 8, 2023

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Coming in Q3, JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) will receive a number of improvements for managed service providers (MSPs) with emphasis on creating efficiencies for working across organizations. Technicians will have a better understanding of where they are, what’s going on within their tenants, and the ability to easily clone organizations to streamline creating more.

Feel free to watch a recording of the Q3 2023 Partner Roadmap webinar at your convenience. This article summarizes what’s new and coming soon for everyone who didn’t have a chance to attend live. First, let’s explore recent additions to the MTP and how Q3 will build on that momentum.

JumpCloud is delivering optionality so that partners can future-proof clients against changing business requirements, without being locked into a single vendor. The open directory platform is living up to its namesake via a service-oriented deployment model that leverages federation and modern authentication to secure access, and manage devices, no matter who the identity provider is. We’re also expanding integrations with HR systems and deepening Active Directory support to handle more complex scenarios, granting you greater flexibility during your migrations. New automations from dynamic groups, more deployment options, and support for the latest OS releases make admins more efficient and accelerate onboarding users and devices. Above all, JumpCloud is strengthening platform security, specifically with more robust API key management, and is enhancing the overall administrative experience.

Recent MTP Enhancements

Enhancements announced last quarter have shipped, including ad hoc commands, clear indicators for billing and licensing statuses, and more tab-friendly navigation for admins. 

Run Ad hoc Commands on Device

screenshot of Ad hoc Commands

Technicians can select a device and run a command on it without any group association for faster management, and will have visibility of what commands are associated with it.

Ad hoc commands are available via API, the MTP, and the Admin Portal.

Billing Visibility

screenshot of billing page

Technicians can see the licenses committed with JumpCloud under the accounts tab across their organizations. It provides better billing visibility with:

  • Bulk-buy usage indicators
  • License overage alerting
  • The ability to download your contracts

Quality of Life Improvements

usability enhancement

MTP organizations now have their company name listed on the page title to make it easier to know which company you’re opening a tab in. Other usability enhancements include:

  • The ability to launch the user portal from he MTP, not just the Admin Portal
  • The ability to sort MTP organizations in alphabetical order
  • A more consistent interface between the MTP and the Admin Portal

What’s Coming Soon

Clone Organizations

cloning organizations

Technicians will soon be able to clone any organization from the MTP without confidential information being transferred over to the new tenant. This feature saves hours of work by eliminating the need to re-create your admin users, organization and feature settings, commands, device and user groups, or policies to onboard a new client.

Certificate and Token Expiration Monitor

Certificate and Token Expiration Monitor

The MTP will soon have a dedicated interface to track the life cycles of mobile device management (MDM) certificates and sync token expirations across organizations from the MTP.

It will support:

  • Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD)
  • Apple
  • SSO applications

MTP Support Experience

MTP Support Experience screenshot

JumpCloud is introducing new support access within the MTP via:

  • Live chats
  • Knowledge Base articles
  • A case portal

Try JumpCloud for MSPs

You can get hands-on experience with JumpCloud for MSPs and the Multi-Tenant Portal when you sign up and simply select that you’re an MSP.

JumpCloud’s Professional Services team can help MSPs adopt the platform to start to expand your business. Every MSP has unique business requirements, and this team will assist with the approach to and implementation of JumpCloud in the best way possible for your organization.

David Worthington

I'm the JumpCloud Champion for Product, Security. JumpCloud and Microsoft certified, security analyst, a one-time tech journalist, and former IT director.

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