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Written by George Lattimore on May 1, 2019

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Is there an LDAP-as-a-Service OneLogin® offering available? Authenticating access to applications is an important part of any organization’s IT infrastructure. For on-prem apps, this has traditionally been done by using Active Directory® (AD) often together with the industry standard protocol, LDAP. For web applications, however, this often must be accomplished by using a combination of SAML and a web application single sign-on (SSO) platform or Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) vendor such as OneLogin, which is also layered on top of AD. As IT infrastructure shifts to the cloud, IT admins are looking to simplify their management process.

Rethinking Application Access and LDAP Auth

Let’s cut to the chase and go from there: while OneLogin does have a basic virtual LDAP offering, OneLogin remains predominantly focused on catching their primary competitor, Okta®, in the web application SSO space. At the same time, many IT organizations have broadened their thinking around how to harness LDAP authentication, and how to use it alongside other areas of authentication. No longer is it desirable for application access to be treated separately from the rest of IT, as traditional IDaaS vendors still try to propose.

Since the advent of the cloud, organizations are seeing the opportunity to simplify and streamline their IT management by leveraging LDAP-as-a-Service support directly from their directory services solution. Otherwise, when a business scales and the number of endpoints multiply, the management complexity can eventually become unsustainable and unravel at the seams.

Identity Management as the Foundation

So, while there’s nothing wrong with using AD and OneLogin together, in truth, both solutions have their limitations that often require more services to be tacked on top. For instance, managing Mac® and Linux® devices continues to be a struggle for the aging AD, while OneLogin offers no cloud server support. Other solutions must then be brought in to fill these gaps, once again increasing management overhead and complexity.

When you step back and look at an organization’s IT needs, the reality is that web app SSO solutions, such as OneLogin, are only a small slice of the pie and the overall market. Another much larger slice for IT organizations to address is the identity management platform. The more functionality, depth of management, and breadth of access to disparate resources, the less add-on tools required down the road.

An All-Inclusive Alternative

In response to the demand for an all-inclusive, adaptable solution, a next generation cloud identity management platform is integrating user access for a wide range of IT resources into a browser-based platform. This includes support for systems (Mac, Windows®, Linux), servers, applications, file servers, WiFi / VPN networks, and more, all from one pane of glass.

This identity management platform is called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®, and as a full-fledged cloud replacement for AD, it’s the foundation of IT infrastructure for over 50,000 organizations and counting. If you’re interested in hearing more about LDAP-as-a-Service with OneLogin, or would like to find out more regarding Directory-as-a-Service, send us a note. If you’d like to explore the platform for yourself, go ahead and dig in from your browser. It’s completely free and so are your first 10 users.

George Lattimore

George is a writer at JumpCloud, a central source for authenticating, authorizing, and managing your IT infrastructure through the cloud. With a degree in Marketing and an MS in Public Communications and Technology, George enjoys writing about how the IT landscape is adapting to a diversified field of technology.

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