One User Account for Both AWS and GCP

Written by Zach DeMeyer on February 17, 2020

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Alexa vs. Home. Prime Video/Music vs. Play Store. FireTV vs. Chromecast. Amazon and Google compete in many ways. Their largest competition by far, however, is the battle for dominance in the cloud, specifically cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). With Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP™), the two tech juggernauts vie for pole position in the cloud computing space.

Despite the competition, many organizations leverage both cloud platforms. As such, some multi-cloud IT admins are curious about the possibility of providing one user account for both AWS and GCP.

Why Use Both Platforms?

No two organizations are the same, which means they each have unique needs. IT organizations that rely on G Suite™ for productivity may tend toward GCP for the sheer convenience of a unified identity. DevOps and other technical organizations favor AWS for its robust feature set.

Many organizations find that each IaaS solution provides them with unique benefits. For example, some may use AWS for their cloud object storage and leverage GCP for machine learning. The possibilities are virtually endless. Additionally, many organizations invest in both platforms to ensure that, in case one experiences an outage, the other provides redundancy.

Issues with Efficiency

Regardless of the reasoning, many organizations worldwide choose to leverage both AWS and GCP. Although they provide countless benefits by way of their features, using two separate IaaS tools creates issues for IT admins, namely by way of efficiency.


The average employee has to keep track of nearly 200 different passwords for their various work accounts. While clearly a burden for end users, these hundreds of disparate passwords are also difficult for admins to manage as well. After all, when an admin first onboards a new employee, they need to dole out access to all of their resources, meaning any additional resource just adds more time to the process, especially if done manually.

As a part of onboarding, admins also need to control a user’s permissions in said resource, in this case AWS and GCP. Given the many ways an organization can use these IaaS platforms, it’s safe to say that at any point in time, any employee may need to access them. So, while onboarding, admins need to ensure that only the right people have access to the right things. Manually onboarding a large group of employees can take days, and unfortunately, if the wrong person gets access to certain parts of these IaaS solutions, the results could be dire.

These resources, however, are critical to the modern workplace, so IT admins need to find a solution to promote efficiency while enabling user access.

The Solution: One User Account for AWS, GCP, and More

By unifying all credentials, IT organizations can promote security while making work easier for both themselves and their end users. But, how can an organization consolidate their users’ credentials into just a single identity?

Unifying Credentials with a Cloud Directory Service

Using a cloud directory service, or Directory-as-a-Service®, IT admins can provide their users access to virtually all IT resources with a single set of credentials. That includes systems, networks, servers, applications, and infrastructure, both on-prem and cloud-hosted in AWS and GCP.

JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) features SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO) for both G Suite™ and AWS IAM, meaning that IT organizations can leverage the JumpCloud identity provider as the source of truth for both AWS and GCP identities. Beyond SSO, DaaS also offers full G Suite integration, which allows organizations to completely sync their Google identities into the cloud directory service, unifying them with their JumpCloud identities. With JumpCloud DaaS, IT organizations experience the benefits of tighter control over how resources are accessed while ensuring that said access is secured.

For organizations anchored in the on-prem directory service, Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD), DaaS provides AD Integration, leveraging pre-existing on-prem identities to access non-Windows® and cloud-based resources. Organizations implementing AD Integration can use one account for AD, AWS, GCP, and all their other resources, managing them either from AD or a single cloud console.

Learn More

If you’d like to provide end users with one account for AWS and GCP, as well as all other IT resources, schedule a demo of Directory-as-a-Service today.

Zach DeMeyer

Zach is a Product Marketing Specialist at JumpCloud with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He loves being on the cutting edge of new technology, and when he's not working, he enjoys all things outdoors, music, and soccer.

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