Seamlessly secure your identities, devices and IT resources

AWS and JumpCloud have teamed up to bring robust identity and device management (IAM) solutions to the AWS Cloud solution.

With JumpCloud device management, you can:

  • Implement full user lifecycle management across AWS through SSO
  • Enable Push MFA for AWS resources
  • Automate and export authentication log data with our AWS S3 serverless application
  • Securely manage Linux servers, including Amazon Linux 2, from a single cloud platform

Secure Authentication Across Your Stack

Use group-based access control to instantly grant new users access to the AWS resources their role/department requires.

Built-in monitoring and event logging capabilities to centrally view authentications and user identity changes.

Employ policy-driven access control to prohibit access to AWS resources when users aren’t on a trusted network and/or trusted device — or to require additional authentication factors at login.

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Leading Brands Choose AWS + JumpCloud

Enterprises rely on JumpCloud to solve their complex Directory and IAM challenges. JumpCloud and AWS have teamed up to manage your cloud environments at scale and improve productivity, user experience and agility company wide.

Proxima Beta a Singapore based gaming studio, part of Tencent Gaming. They make the world’s top grossing mobile game Arenas of Valor. Why They Choose JumpCloud: In their heavily Mac environment, they value user management and secure app access.

Super League Gaming is a premier platform to experience pro e-sports. SLG operates leagues in partnership with publishers of games like League of Legends, Minecraft and Clash Royale. Why They Choose JumpCloud: SLG has a mixed Mac and O365 presence and loves that JumpCloud can handle their multi-OS setup. As they remote into machines, our cloud based software paired with Directory Insights helps them keep a handle on devices.

Scopely is home to many top-grossing franchises including Scrabble GO, Marvel Strike Force & Yahtzee With Buddies. They have studio partners in 7 countries across 4 continents. Why They Choose JumpCloud: Our Directory and Systems Insight features help them manage their data flows. With a need for iOS MDM, they employ JumpCloud to handle their mobile devices used for testing.

JumpCloud Strategic Partners

We collaborate with organizations across ecosystems to deliver seamless customer value