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Written by Brandon White on September 12, 2020

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It’s no secret: Linux® Mint is trending right now for a reason. We’ll get into the benefits later, but suffice it to say, if you’re not already a user, there’s a good chance you might one day consider trying out this free operating system.

At JumpCloud, we love the value that this OS delivers to end users. In many ways, we actually relate to Linux Mint. We’re all about enabling customers to use technology that helps them succeed. And that’s exactly why we’re making sure our customers can use Linux Mint to Make Work Happen®

User management for Linux Mint is mission critical for organizations using this OS, and with JumpCloud, it’s never been easier. 

Why Is Linux Mint so Popular?

Linux Mint’s success is largely due to the fact that it works out of the box, with full multimedia support and is intuitive to use. It’s also free and open source, making it flexible and budget friendly. 

As many organizations look to cut costs and shift to open platforms, Linux Mint shines for these reasons. Compared to Windows® and Mac® machines, a Linux Mint system can be a fraction of the cost, yet every bit as powerful for users. 

Plus, with most applications being delivered from the cloud, end users can simply leverage a browser to do their work. For teams in which local applications and interfaces aren’t critical, Linux Mint is a great operating system.

It’s not hard to see why Linux Mint is chosen by millions as a cheaper alternative to Windows and macOS® devices. 

The challenge for IT administrators then becomes how to manage those systems in the same way that they do the other platforms, ideally from the same management tools.

Why Is User Management Necessary? 

User management is critical for organizations to keep information and users secure. The ability to scalably manage users without putting an impossible strain on the IT team allows for more flexibility in how an organization uses technology. 

Simply put, increased management means that dangerous technology or practices can easily be made non-options. This allows end users to be more confident in how they use technology, even if they don’t have the technical knowledge required for advanced security protocols.

With great user management comes great security and access for users. Of course, that means better business practices so technology can actually help your end users do their job, rather than being a nuisance or even blocker.

User Management—Then and Now

Of course, organizations that use a Linux Mint system will need to implement user management for security and scalability. But the historical ways that IT teams have managed users doesn’t quite fit for the ultra-flexible Linus systems.

Traditionally, IT admins employed single platform user management tools such as Microsoft® Active Directory® or single protocol solutions such as OpenLDAP. Of course, as the IT landscape shifts to mixed platform environments, these solutions struggle because they are built with the assumptions of a specific operating system. This creates significant limitations for organizations that are ultimately looking for flexible technology that lets them do their jobs better—not something to confine them into a box built decades ago.

And, even more so, as the number and type of solutions increase, in this example Linux Mint, the struggle to find centralized management tools that cover all organizational needs grows.

Now, over a hundred thousand organizations employ JumpCloud’s user management solution, called a cloud directory platform, to support Windows, macOS, and Linux. We’re excited to announce we’re expanding our list of supported operating systems to include Linux Mint as well, continuing our legacy of giving customers the options they need to succeed. 

Ready for Next-Level User Management?

Much like Linux Mint, JumpCloud wants to do everything we can to put powerful, easy-to-use technology in the hands of forward-thinking organizations. That’s why we offer 10 users and 10 systems (including Linux Mint), completely free. We don’t even ask for a credit card. Plus, we give you 10 days of premium 24×7 in-app chat support in case you need help. Sign up for JumpCloud Free today to test user management for Linux Mint or your favorite OS.

Brandon White

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