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Written by Jon Griffin on April 22, 2019

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Webinars are excellent resources for those looking to learn more about a specific product or area of interest. They provide in-depth breakdowns of industry concepts along with best practices to improve workflows.

At JumpCloud, we live and breathe the IT industry and as a result are constantly working to put out webinars that help educate IT admins all over. Many of the challenges that admins face with managing Macs, remote users, Active Directory, and more are discussed in these webinars, and we hope that by viewing them you will be able to overcome these challenges.

Upcoming Webinars

We’re pleased to announce that JumpCloud is partnering with OpenVPN to present “Securing VPN Authentication through the Cloud” on May 16, 2019.

The latest JumpCloud webinars can be found on our events page. If you’re interested in an overview of the Directory-as-a-Service® platform, then sign up for our weekly onboarding webinar, where you’ll have the opportunity to see JumpCloud in action and ask questions live.

The Complete Playlist

We understand that workdays are busy though, and you can’t always make every webinar you would like to. In addition, we want to make sure that anyone who missed the signup gets the chance to view the webinar as well. To address that, we’ve made all of our past webinars available in a YouTube playlist on our channel. You can check out the JumpCloud Webinars video playlist above. 

Which JumpCloud Webinars Are You Interested In?

We have a number of webinars available for your viewing pleasure, so if there is a specific topic that you are interested in this is a great way to find it. Below you will find a list of all of our currently available webinars:

  • The Security Playbook for SaaS Startups | OpenView & JumpCloud
    • While startups are focused on growth, they must also make sure that they’re scaling on top of a secure foundation. JumpCloud’s Greg Keller is joined by OpenView’s Mackey Craven in this webinar that breaks startup security into five critical components: the identity, data, apps, endpoints, and networks.
  • Centralized FDE Management for a Distributed, Mixed-OS World
    • This webinar is all about full disk encryption – what it is, why it’s important, and how you can enforce it for macOS and Windows systems. You’ll see JumpCloud Product Marketing Manager George Wagner demonstrate policies for Bitlocker and FileVault in action using Directory-as-a-Service.
  • Managing Macs in the Cloud-forward Enterprise | Jamf & JumpCloud
    • Mac management has long been a hot topic among IT admins. With the combination of Jamf and JumpCloud, it no longer needs to be. This webinar breaks down how you can have your Macs covered from initial deployment all the way through day-to-day identity management.
  • Set up and Secure a Modern Office in 30 Minutes – without Active Directory®
    • WiFi, virtual machines, remote users without VPNs, web applications, and cloud infrastructure. It’s clear that a more modern office has arrived. But what is the best way to take advantage of all of these resources while maintaining security? This webinar shows how it’s possible to implement it all – and how to do it in just 30 minutes.
  • Break Free from Active Directory
    • Moving to the cloud is an exciting transition! Unfortunately, there is one thing holding you back from making the complete transition – your Active Directory instance. This on-prem server has long forced IT organizations to keep one foot on the ground, but there is an alternative. Check out this webinar to see how you can break free from Active Directory.
  • Next Generation IAM Strategy: Best Practices and Pitfalls
    • In the cloud-forward business model of today, proper management of employee identities is critical. The abundance of breaches has proven that. The challenge is ensuring that you can connect end users to the multitude of services securely. This webinar breaks down the best practices and pitfalls of identity management in the cloud-forward world.
  • Extending Office 365™ Identities for Access to All IT Resources
    • For many organizations, the first step taken in the move to the cloud is to adopt a O365 account to manage essentials like email, collaboration tools like Office, and more. However, Office 365 is far from comprehensive in its coverage of IT resources. What about the employees system, WiFi connection, cloud-based servers, and web applications? Office 365 needs to be extended for that. This webinar examines that challenge.
  • JumpCloud Google Identity Webinar
    • Google Apps (now known as G Suite™) has become a major part of the enterprise. However, with Macs, SaaS apps, cloud infrastructure and more, an identity crisis begins to emerge. How can an on-prem directory like Active Directory handle all of these cloud identities? Can you use G Suite as a complete identity solution? Find out in this webinar.
  • Your Macs are a Security Breach Waiting to Happen – And You Know It
    • Mac usage in the enterprise is growing quickly, but Mac management is still trailing far behind. This is a major issue for organizations that want to protect their sensitive information. In this webinar, you’ll see how you can gain complete control over the Macs in your environment all from one unified cloud directory.
  • Doing More Faster, Now with IT Control
    • Remote work, SaaS apps, IaaS, and more all have allowed modern organizations to work faster and more efficiently. But not maintaining control over these environments can be a costly mistake. In this webinar you’ll learn how modern IT teams are building decentralization into their organization while maximizing security at the same time.
  • Security Training with Topher Marie
    • As workers in the IT field, you know how to keep your business secure. But what about the rest of your company? Most compromises don’t come via skilled engineers, but rather through those less savvy in how to keep themselves safe. With plenty of targeted attacks at these individuals, it’s essential to help them stay safe for the companies sake. This webinar is a deep dive on some of Topher Marie’s best security training tips.
  • The 2016 IT Guide to Onboarding and Offboarding Employees – DevOps.com
    • Are you prepared to cut off access to an employee quickly and securely? If not, you need to be. This webinar features JumpCloud Chief Product Officer Greg Keller, who discusses a step-by-step process for setting up your employees for success while keeping your company secure at the same time.
  • The Modern Office: How G Suite Solves the IT Identity Crisis
    • Google Apps (otherwise known as G Suite) has arrived in the enterprise and is here to stay. Is it possible to use this tool to help solve the identity management challenges that come with the cloud? JumpCloud’s CPO Greg Keller and Bitium’s CTO Erik Gustavson discuss.
  • IT Decentralization – How to Speed Up Your Organization Safely
    • Innovative technology like DevOps, IaaS, and SaaS all allow organizations to speed up their workflows tremendously. But are you doing so safely? JumpCloud’s CEO Rajat Bhargava explains how you can maximize your security while ramping up your cloud infrastructure at the same time.

Want to See More JumpCloud Webinars?

active directory bridge whiteboard video

We are always working on producing more video content that helps admins better understand the cloud IT world and how they can employ it for their own company. If you are interested in seeing more, whether it means JumpCloud webinars, tutorial videos, or whiteboard discussions, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have plenty more content on the way, so stay tuned!

Again, we encourage you to find the most recent JumpCloud webinars or to sign up for the weekly onboarding webinar to be given a tour of the platform. You can also demo Directory-as-a-Service by signing up for a free account.

Jon Griffin

Jon Griffin works as a writer for JumpCloud, an organization focused on bringing centralized IT to the modern organization. He graduated with a degree in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and is an avid learner of new technology from cloud-based innovations to VR and more.

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