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Laying Foundations for Long-Term Success

Written by Ashley Gwilliam on March 1, 2022

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Implementing new software is time-consuming, to say the least.

Mastering any unfamiliar technology stack always involves varying degrees of learning curves. Depending on the depth of your IT department, this process can be confusing, draining, and even overwhelming. And this is especially true when a new platform integrates multiple disciplines into one centralized offering. 

JumpCloud is a cloud directory service that leverages protocols like LDAP, RADIUS, and SAML to connect user identities (either directly as the identity provider, or as a passthrough for a separate IdP) to applications (both on-prem and in the cloud), networks, infrastructure, and more. It also handles device management, security policy configurations, and more. 

While our engineers have managed to bake a myriad of security controls into a smooth user experience, getting started still feels challenging to some customers. Why?

Because every organization is unique in terms of its size, goals, IT staffing capabilities, and technical challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all roadmap when it comes to implementing a Zero Trust security framework from wherever you are right now. 

For this reason, as of March 1, JumpCloud is offering its own brand of world-class project management and technical consultations in three convenient forms.


JumpCloud Professional Service Offerings

New and existing customers alike can now secure white-glove, personalized attention to support their IT departments as they strategize, implement, and grow their cloud directory infrastructure, groups, and policies.

Because let’s face it: even the most experienced IT organizations sometimes struggle to prioritize the right actions at the right times. 

Our goal is simple: set up your company’s JumpCloud admins with a strong identity management foundation that will save you time, energy, and unnecessary effort in the long-run. 

We are offering three options for Professional Services:


1. Implementation 

Implementation as a Service is specifically designed for new customers who would like consultative assistance with the JumpCloud Directory Platform and how it can best be implemented within their current technical environment(s). 

IT organizations setting up JumpCloud for the first time may not  have the bandwidth to import their data, configure their ideal settings, or create new policies. But they want everything to work efficiently, smoothly, and reliably with their organization’s unique factors. With Implementation, a JumpCloud Implementation Engineer will strategize, train, and collaborate with you to launch the platform most effectively. 

Implementation Engineers provide world-class project management skills and technical consultations so that during the 1-2 month process, no stone is left unturned. Your engineer will work closely with you to ensure your organization’s security initiative meets or exceeds your expectations. We will set up your JumpCloud instance exactly the way you need and answer any questions and concerns you may have. 

Refer to the chart below for our four Implementation options: Quickstart, Essentials, Premier, and Enterprise. Prices exist on a sliding scale based on user numbers: 


Duration8 weeks (max.)4 weeks (max.)8 weeks (max.)Based on scope
Deliverables2 hours of education, office hours(8) 1-hour consulting sessions(16) 1-hour consulting sessionsBased on scope
User CountUp to 25 usersUp to 200 usersUp to 500 usersBased on scope

*Note: All options include project planning and management visibility within Teamwork.com.


2. Migration

Do you have a solid grasp of how to accomplish your goals with JumpCloud, but lack the bandwidth to migrate all that data from your existing director(ies)? Transferring users, groups, devices, and applications can be a real pain depending upon how complex your environment is, how proficient you are with scripting and automation techniques, and how much time you have to dedicate to the process outside your normal day-to-day responsibilities. 

If this sounds like you, check out Migration as a Service. A Professional Services Engineer will seamlessly migrate customer users, groups, devices, and applications from their current AD or Okta platform to JumpCloud. Additional types of platform migrations will be available in the Fall of 2022. 

With JumpCloud Migration, you can have confidence in your data integrity, system uptime, and user experience. 

Due to the range of complexities involved within each migration, price quotes are provided based on the engineer’s scope of work. 


3. Technical Account Management (TAM) 

How would you like to have a JumpCloud technical advisor on your team for an entire year? Having a trusted expert on staff can provide peace of mind for both new and existing customers by:

  • Managing escalations and feature requests
  • Strategizing forward-thinking strategies
  • Facilitating technical conversations with internal stakeholders 

Ongoing technical support is ideal for organizations seeking a long-term partner in maximizing their Zero Trust security frameworks throughout the year.

Your TAM will act as a single point of contact, available to manage any new challenges that arise. TAMs can also pinpoint opportunities for streamlining existing practices, policies, and more that will lead to longer-term infrastructure stability. 

For example, we recently discovered that one of our customers was using an unmanaged email naming convention as their user record. Users were permitted to choose their own email handles, which in and of itself was not a security risk nor a major bottleneck at this time. However, an approach like this means there is no way to automate the process of creating new user records; lack of automation incurs unnecessary IT expenses in the long term, and can be more difficult to establish when “technical debt” has accrued over time.

So, without changing the naming convention to something more standardized, setting up RADIUS two months down the line was going to be a nightmare. This is just one instance of many where our Technical Account Managers saved their clients time and money by identifying future roadblocks and helping to implement course-correcting actions early. 

We provide three different packages for Technical Account Management: 


TAM EssentialsTAM PremierTAM Enterprise
DeliverablesUp to 5 hours per month (60 hours total)Up to 10 hours per month (120 hours total)Custom


Need a Helping Hand?

Reach out to [email protected] for assistance determining which Professional Service option might be right for you. 

Ashley Gwilliam

Ashley Gwilliam is a Content Writer for JumpCloud. After graduating with a degree in print-journalism, Ashley’s storytelling skills took her from on-camera acting to interviewing NBA basketball players to ghostwriting for CEOs. Today she writes about tech, startups, and remote work. In her analog life, she is on a quest to find the world's best tacos.

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