JumpCloud’s Professional Services for Implementation

About Implementation

JumpCloud’s Implementation Services provides implementation assistance with JumpCloud’s Platform and your current technical environment(s). Our Implementation Services ensure your organization is set up for success by discussing your implementation plans, configurations, and security practices using JumpCloud.

JumpCloud’s Implementation Consultation services provide consultative implementation assistance with JumpCloud’s Platform and your current technical environment(s).

Implementation Consultants will provide world-class project management skills and technical consultations. This service includes multiple calls, access to the project via Teamwork, a singular technical point of contact during onboarding, Administrative training, and more.

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Advantages of Implementation Services

Your Implementation Will be Done Right!

Your implementation will be done right by professionals with deep technical expertise in Cloud Directory, SSO, MDM, MFA.

Faster Project Completion Time

We’ve done this before. Therefore we can streamline the entire process, saving you time.

Lighter Staffing Load

We will do the work on your behalf to get JumpCloud implemented within your organization.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade

We consult you on best practices, workflows, and configurations in JumpCloud.

Fully Managed Project

We share a customized project plan to assist you through your onboarding of JumpCloud.

Scheduled Zoom Sessions and Discussions

You can plan up to two web sessions per week during onboarding with our team and cover the different tasks, phases, and configurations within JumpCloud.

Third-Party Configuration

Our team can assist you with configuring third-party resources within JumpCloud.

Project Fully Implemented

Our team does the work to onboard and configure your JumpCloud environment.

Implementation Packages

JumpCloud Quickstart Essentials Premier Enterprise
Implementation - Project Duration Up to 8 weeks Up to 12 weeks Up to 16 weeks Based on Project Scope
Project Delivery 4 hours of consultation (10) 1-hour consulting sessions (16) 1-hour consulting sessions Based on Project Scope
Project Plan & Management - Visibility within Project in Teamwork.com

*Unused hours expire at the end of each billing cycle.