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Written by Brenna Lee on October 31, 2022

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Implementing a new tool across your organization, especially one that overhauls any existing or outdated infrastructure and workflows, can be intimidating. To prevent potential frustration and make this process easier, JumpCloud University (JCU) offers a variety of implementation help in the form of self-help guides, e-learning courses, webinars, and more.

JumpCloud also offers Professional Services that help with implementation, technical account management, and engineering. Our goal is to make the addition of JumpCloud into your IT environment as simple and as useful as possible.

JumpCloud Implementation Support Options:

Self-Guided Webinars 

JCU’s self-guided webinars are instructor-led, live discussions with the goal of helping you successfully implement JumpCloud with as little friction as possible. In these webinars, experts from JumpCloud teach you the steps needed for a successful implementation of the JumpCloud’s open directory platform. On top of that, our experts discuss the resources offered by JumpCloud Professional Services to give you a complete picture of the support you have available.

Each webinar is one hour long, and they’re hosted each week.


Participate in JumpCloud expert-led webinars to learn how to implement JumpCloud successfully.

Self-Help Guides 

JumpCloud University’s self-help implementation guides are meant to provide you with technical resources and walk you through implementation step-by-step. By using these, you can learn and move at whatever pace feels comfortable for you.


These self-help guides are designed to give you technical resources and step by step guidance for implementing JumpCloud features.

E-Learning: Implementation for Admins 

With JumpCloud’s e-learning courses, you can choose the specific courses that you’re interested in to quickly hone your skills and better understand different parts of JumpCloud’s open directory platform. Before starting any of the courses, you can view an estimated time to completion, course details, and learning objectives to ensure that you’re in the right place according to your implementation goals.


JumpCloud University offers a variety of courses designed to make the implementation of the platform simple and quick.

Ongoing Support with Professional Services 

Taking the Professional Services route with JumpCloud is the most comprehensive and hands-on route to implement the platform. Speak with our team about your implementation plans, configurations, and security practices to ensure that your implementation project goes exactly to plan. Our team of experts will ensure that you get JumpCloud adopted into your environment quickly, securely, and easily.


JumpCloud offers a handful of different Professional Services , including implementation help, technical account management, and engineering help.

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