JumpCloud’s Autotask Integration Automates MSP Billing and Operations

Autotask PSA Integration Eliminates Manual Work and Billing Risks

Written by David Worthington on July 26, 2022

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Managed service providers (MSPs) thrive by achieving scale with the software solutions and services that they provide; however, account management work remains a time-consuming manual process. There never seems to be enough daylight for everything, and any inefficiency draws time and resources away from servicing clients, which is the primary focus of an MSP. The monthly need to spend hours reconciling usage information between client applications and professional services automation (PSA) software is one of the most common problem areas.

JumpCloud addresses this major pain point by integrating its open directory platform with the industry-leading PSA solution, Datto Autotask PSA. This solution is a part of a broader investment to service JumpCloud’s 1,800+ MSP partners for identity and access management (IAM), unified endpoint management (UEM), mobile device management (MDM), Zero Trust conditional access, and single sign-on (SSO) to manage clients’ IT resources.

How Does The JumpCloud Autotask Integration Work?

The integration works by automatically syncing software licenses between JumpCloud and the PSA. Any subsequent change in licensing counts is captured and JumpCloud automatically reports that change in Autotask. Client usage for the applications MSPs offer is always reconciled, eliminating the potential for underbilling. JumpCloud’s Autotask integration also eliminates the need for MSPs to license middleware for this purpose, which simplifies operations and helps business owners to have one less bill to pay at the end of every month.

As a result, MSPs are able to monitor important metrics such as Cost Per Seat and High Water Mark on a daily basis, making it easier to adhere to a per-user, per-month pricing model.

Screenshot of cost per seat and high water mark in Autotask

JumpCloud Is Investing in MSPs

JumpCloud’s goal is to help MSPs focus on their customers and grow their businesses. The Autotask integration follows a partnership with ConnectWise that simplifies administrative tasks including account management and customer billing. Other enhancements allow for more flexible license allocation (including more liberal handling of overages) to assist MSPs with managing client growth by reducing the frequency of orders and billing adjustments.

Other improvements include self-service for MSPs to view and download invoices.

Screenshot of invoices in JumpCloud

Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

The Autotask integration helps MSPs manage customers, help desk, and billing from a single view. JumpCloud makes it possible to manage clients’ IT resources without introducing high administrative overhead or onerous requirements for end users. JumpCloud’s open directory platform is engineered to provide secure access to any IT resource, from any device, anywhere. 

Security risks replaced supporting remote/hybrid work as the top small and medium-sized (SME) enterprise concern during 2022. MSPs that use JumpCloud are uniquely positioned to assist clients with simplifying workflows and tackling IT tool sprawl — two main drivers of security risks — by unifying tech stacks and providing safe access to critical applications and data.

Try JumpCloud for MSPs

Learn more about JumpCloud for MSPs, download case studies, or contact us to discuss the requirements of your client base. JumpCloud’s open directory platform has been deployed by over 180,000 organizations worldwide with MSP partners in over 55 countries.

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