G Suite™ and Office 365™ Directory Integrations

Written by Rajat Bhargava on February 25, 2017

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G Suite™ and Office 365™ are great productivity and collaboration tools but they don’t serve as a directory. A functional directory is able to authenticate an identity, provision access to a wide range of resources, and manage the identities

That’s not what you get with G Suite and Office 365 identities. Even though everyone at your company likely has credentials and an identity for one of these two apps, an admin can’t provision access to everything else the user needs with these identities (e.g. laptops or workstations, legacy applications, AWS® cloud servers, your WiFi infrastructure, etc.)

In fact, if you want to make them portable you used to need to leverage, ironically, an on-prem solution, Microsoft® Active Directory®. For an IT organization that is moving to the cloud with G Suite and Office 365, the last thing they want to do is invest more in on-prem infrastructure.

New Alternative: Cloud Directory Services Integration

Many IT organizations are taking a different approach. By integrating G Suite and Office 365 with JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®, IT organizations are making the leap to the cloud with their productivity suite and directory services.

Just watch our video tutorials to learn how to import users, provision accounts, and more in either platform:

Getting Started with Office 365 Integration

The video above is a walkthrough demonstrating how to sync the identities in Office 365 with JumpCloud’s directory, then how to manage users within our web console. You can see the same process in our Getting Started with G Suite Integration tutorial video.

If this sounds like a functionality that could help your organization, sign-up for a free JumpCloud account today. If you want to gain a deeper understanding, reference our Knowledge Base for Office 365 and G Suite integration articles to get started today!

Turn G Suite and Office 365 into Functional Directories

Backing your G Suite or O365 implementations with a cloud identity management platform can be a significant opportunity. Now, your end users can have one identity to login to their laptops/systems, applications, and networks with the same G Suite and O365 credentials.

office 365 and g suite integration jumpcloud

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate your G Suite or Office 365 infrastructure with a cloud directory service, drop us a note. Alternatively, try JumpCloud’s cloud identity management platform a try for yourself. Your first 10 users are free forever.

Rajat Bhargava

Rajat Bhargava is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and CEO and co-founder of JumpCloud. An MIT graduate with over two decades of high-tech experience, Rajat is a ten-time entrepreneur with six exits including two IPOs and four trade sales.

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