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Written by Ryan Squires on April 12, 2019

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IT admins may have heard that OneLogin™ has a free plan that their organization could leverage. Well, unfortunately, OneLogin recently discontinued their free plan. As a result, many IT admins are looking for alternative solutions that they can leverage at no cost.

OneLogin’s Focus

As OneLogin has grown and become increasingly successful, their focus appears set on the enterprise market segment and competing with Okta®, the market share leader in web application single sign-on (SSO). This makes a good deal of sense when you consider that OneLogin has traditionally been a fast follower in the IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) market. That said, there must be alternatives.

SSO Options

While there isn’t a free OneLogin plan, it is likely that if you want to test their platform they would set you up with a free account. Okta would presumably do the same thing as well. Other alternatives in the web application single sign-on space include: Google® Cloud Identity, Microsoft Azure® AD and Active Directory® Federation Services (ADFS), and AWS Single Sign On.

Challenges with SSO Solutions

The challenge for most IT organizations that are searching for a free SSO solution is that they are quite limited in general. They generally don’t offer SSH key management, LDAP, or RADIUS support, nor is system management a feature. Plus, they also often require an identity provider (IdP) such as Microsoft Active Directory (MAD or AD), which is clearly not free, nor cheap to implement. For many organizations looking to leverage the majority of their tools from the cloud, having an on-prem solution such as AD seems like a steep price to pay.

Plus, it is not simply web applications entering IT environments. Linux® and macOS® systems have been entering the enterprise in droves. Additionally, cloud infrastructure like that from AWS and GCE, as well as non-Windows® file servers like NAS and Samba file servers, have entered IT environments as well. The problem is, Microsoft Active Directory struggles with managing these non-Windows solutions. Unless you want to invest heavily in additional add-ons and workarounds, there has to be a better way.

A Cloud Based IdP, SSO, and More In One

The good news is that for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) looking to have a high quality identity and access management solution without the cost, there is a next generation cloud identity provider called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. Free for 10 users or less, this cloud directory is centralized user management, web application single sign-on, cloud LDAP, hosted RADIUS, two-factor authentication (2FA), system management via GPO-like policies, and more all rolled into one solution. JumpCloud is the directory services solution for modern organizations that utilize heterogeneous computing fleets of Windows, Mac®, and Linux machines, web and on-prem applications, virtual and on-prem file servers, and more.

Learn More About JumpCloud

If you’d like to try an alternative to Free OneLogin that amounts to more than just a trial, sign up today for a JumpCloud account. Without needing to input a credit card you’ll be able to manage up to 10 user for free, forever. And if that’s not enough and your needs increase, feel free to check out our pricing page and see how JumpCloud can support you as you scale. If you have any questions about set up or integration, navigate over to our Knowledge Base and / or YouTube channel for more.

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