Dis-unified Identity

Written by Rajat Bhargava on July 10, 2015

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The term Single Sign-On is hopelessly compromised.

SSO has been used by a number of companies to mean that you login to their site one time and then they act as the “identity provider” to other websites on your behalf.

“Single” Sign-On doesn’t Address a Dis-unified Identity

Dis-unified Identity

What they completely gloss over is the fact that you’ve already established your identity once — when you log into your laptop or desktop. Hardly “single” sign-on.

What this underscores is the more fundamental issue of dis-unification of identity. Many organizations have many disjointed “silos” for your identity:  one for logging into your personal laptop, another for logging into servers, a separate data store for HR and payroll, and another for mailing lists and email.

SSO might be the largest “cluster” of identities that companies have — but many don’t even have that. Their end-users log into each site individually, meaning you have dozens of dis-unified identities to manage.

The solution to this is to establish One Directory to Rule Them All® — a single “source of truth” that all of these other places can pull identity from. A directory allows you to provision users into one location and deprovision them just as easily.

Directories, in the past, have been unwieldy and difficult to manage. LDAP and Active Directory are notoriously ugly and ominous. They’re so complicated, they require companies to hire specialized personnel to setup and manage them.

A Solution for a Dis-unified Identity

A Dis-unified Identity can be Solved with JumpCloud

JumpCloud serves as a modern directory, designed from the ground-up to be easy to setup and manage. It requires no specialized staff, and is completely “cloud-based” so you don’t have to have any special servers for it. JumpCloud can help you tie-in all of your dis-unified identities; SSO, server, and laptop login all in one location. Your organization can finally enjoy True Single Sign-On™ and experience a unified identity environment.

Learn more about Directory-as-a-Service® by dropping us a note or signing up for a free account.  Your first ten users are free forever.

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