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Written by Brandon White on August 26, 2020

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Selling software to IT administrators is a bit like cooking for a master chef. Except, instead of the meal being over in two hours, the software provider has to continue to impress the discerning master chef everyday.

Fortunately, at JumpCloud, we love working with customers who have high standards for technology because we do, too. In fact, partnering with people who are just as passionate as we are about tech means we get to constantly raise the bar for what IT professionals expect from their software. We’re also proud to say that more than 100,000 organizations have happily leveraged JumpCloud’s access control and device management platform. Customers’ positive reviews speak for themselves.

So, what’s the hype about? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

What Is JumpCloud?

Let’s start at the beginning. JumpCloud offers organizations of all sizes a better way to manage their technology through an open directory platform. This enables IT organizations to support their entire team by managing and connecting them to the technology they need to do their jobs including systems, applications, files, and networks. Because it’s all user-based, this solution fits the IT needs of teams from the smallest of startups to enterprise organizations.

Let’s dive into some of the core benefits that organizations experience when using JumpCloud.

1. Make Work Happen

JumpCloud’s vision is to help its customers Make Work Happen for their teams. When technology is working as it should, it makes lives better and more productive. Yet we all know the pain when tech fails us. Forgotten logins, not being able to access the tools you need to do your job, or even more serious security risks threaten business as usual. Not to mention, it drives everyone in the organization crazy.

JumpCloud connects an organization’s users to those technology components so that they can get their work done faster and easier. That means more productivity for organizations, and more time with family and friends for end users. IT software is meant to streamline work, not bottleneck it.

2. Freedom of Choice

Being productive is about using the best tools for the job. You may have already guessed, but here’s a fact: We think JumpCloud is the best cloud directory platform. Yet, that’s where our suggestions on what technology your organization should use stops. 

End users know what the right solutions are to get their jobs done most effectively. IT organizations that can support a wide range of tools—regardless of vendor or platform—are more successful with their team. 

And a happier, more productive team means IT admins are doing something right. 

That’s why we help you support the tech your team needs. JumpCloud is cross platform, multi-protocol, provider agnostic, and location independent. In short, you and your team are in control, not a vendor that wants to drive you to buy more of their ancillary services.

3. Control & Visibility

Enabling the team — check. But it’s equally essential that IT admins can still manage the technology that they’re delivering to the rest of the team.

What does that look like?

  • Control and visibility over the entire infrastructure.
  • Being able to manage and administer everything remotely and well. 
  • Cost-effective solutions that are being leveraged by the right team members for the benefit of the organization. 

JumpCloud puts the power in the IT team’s hands to effectively control who has access to what IT resources and to configure and monitor systems. Deep monitoring ensures that the right people are doing the right things within the environment.

4. Security

In an era where breaches are occurring daily, IT has to be focused on protecting the digital assets of the organization. Security is an imperative for organizations of all sizes, something that you don’t want to learn the hard way.

The number one way to protect an organization is by locking down its identities. The right identities are the keys to the digital kingdom, and ensuring that those stay safe is a core part of JumpCloud’s mission. 

This is accomplished by tightly controlling user access to resources, one-way hashing and salting passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication wherever possible, and our patented anti-phishing technology to prevent the most popular form of identity compromises.

See the Benefits Yourself, for Free

If you are wondering what others say about JumpCloud, check out our reviews on G2 Crowd or read some of our customer success stories. You can also start a free 30 Day Trial of JumpCloud’s entire platform today.

Brandon White

Brandon is an enthusiast, solutionist, and JumpCloud’s Technical Evangelist, active in journalism and IT in cities across the US for over 25 years. Pick his brain on Slack in the JumpCloud Lounge:

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