One-Click Navigation Gets You Around Your All-in-One Directory Platform Fast

Written by Leia Schultz on September 16, 2020

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When IT administrators work in their JumpCloud® Admin Portal, they want the web-based console to make it easier to manage, monitor, and secure the user identities and IT resources in their environment. Instead of switching between different point tools to work, JumpCloud’s all-in-one cloud directory platform lets admins do their job in a central place, from managing users and user groups, devices, Policies, and more across Mac®, Windows®, and Linux® computers and other IT resources (like web applications, VPNs, storage systems, etc.).

The Admin Portal just got an update that’ll help maximize admins’ efficiency as they navigate to get information and make decisions at work: crosslinks to move from point A to point B in a click between users, systems, and groups — all within one platform.

Using Portal Crosslinks for Users, Systems, & Groups

The new crosslinks in the JumpCloud Admin Portal help admins quickly click-and-go between panels for their managed users, systems or devices, and groups.

What do they look like in action? 

Imagine you’re a JumpCloud Admin and you need to check what resources your colleague, Pam, can access. You’re assessing Pam’s resource access because you’re auditing the licenses your organization’s employees have across your tech stack to justify their use or cost, or recommend getting rid of certain licenses or tools.

When you find Pam in the Users list, you can see all the User Groups where Pam is a member, including the All Employees group. With crosslinks, you can click that group and go directly to it in the portal to view and update it. When you’re there, you can see all the applications that this group has access to, and you’ll decide if that’s right for Pam, the individual, or perhaps for the entire group as it stands.

Similarly, you can see the Systems (or end user devices) menu where you gave Pam an account, and one-click navigate to them. Pam has admin privileges in JumpCloud, which means she can do things like send remote Apple MDM commands to enrolled end user Mac devices managed by JumpCloud. Does she need to be able to do this task? You can determine and update this quickly during your audit.

Why You’re Seeing Portal Crosslinks

Customer feedback directly impacts our feature roadmap. JumpCloud speaks with admins regularly to understand how the platform can streamline their work. 

In a recent Admin Portal usability survey, customers told us that they loved the platform’s intuitive interface but wished for less friction getting to associated things like users and their user groups. When asked specifically about crosslinking, customers said:

  • “I’d like to see more ability to navigate across items (instead of having to go search another area).”
  • “[I want] Easier navigation between Users and Systems. It would be useful to have a direct link to open assigned users from a system and vice versa.”
  • “It would be great to be able to directly link to a system from the user’s profile to get info on the system instead of having to leave the User menu and go to the System menu manually. Same goes for the reverse.”

These portal crosslinks pack a punch to make admins’ daily tasks even easier by opening up new paths to get around the Admin Portal.

Try JumpCloud Today for Free

Are you ready to consolidate point solutions (e.g. directory, SSO, MDM, MFA, etc.,) and streamline where you work? To check out the JumpCloud Admin Portal’s new crosslinks and explore the full cloud directory platform, set up a JumpCloud Free account with up to 10 users and 10 devices. You’ll also have access to free premium 24×7 chat support live with platform pros for your first 10 days in JumpCloud.

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