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JumpCloud offers automatic OS patch management to help keep your macOS 11 Big Sur and later devices updated and secure. If your IT Admin created an Automatic MacOS Updates policy to enforce minor updates for your device, the deferral and grace period are controlled by that policy. 

The longer you wait to perform an OS version update by clicking Defer, the more frequent the reminders become. Your Admin can choose to send a custom notification about the update. For example, Your device requires a security update. Contact Jose Alvarado at ext. 4300 with any questions. When both the deferral and grace period expire, your device is automatically updated.

To update your macOS device from the Security Update window:

This window appears if there is a minor version update available for your device.

  1. Click Update Device. This window invokes the steps in Apple’s System Settings > General > Software Update.


Admins can customize and preview this notification so that a company’s logo appears here. See Create a MacOS Patch Policy

  1. Follow the steps on your screen to update your device. If an additional patch to your OS update is also available, you’ll be prompted to install that update also.


Admins can customize the message at the top of the screen below, so that it is clear these notifications are from your IT Department.

  1. After a period of time that is set by your Admin, you’ll be prompted again to update your device.
  1. When you are within a few days of the cut-off date for updating your device, you must click I understand to get the Close button to appear. This cut-off date is configured in the Automatic MacOS Updates policy by your IT Admin.


Eventually this window appears more frequently and becomes harder to dismiss.

  1. After the cut-off date passes, you must click Update Device.
  2.  If you receive this message regarding a minor version update, click Update Device to immediately upgrade. Then click More Info at the bottom of the screen to locate the minor update.
  1. To defer a minor OS update, click Defer. The deferral time period and an optional grace period are configured by your Admin. After both the delay and the grace periods expire, the policy automatically downloads and installs the update on your device. For more information, contact your Admin. Admins should consult Create a MacOS Patch Policy.
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