Use Microsoft Accounts with JumpCloud

The JumpCloud agent, regardless of the OS where it's running, manages local user accounts on the host. If you add an account to JumpCloud where the user name on the account matches the user name in JumpCloud, JumpCloud will "take over" this user account. This takeover lets you change the password and disable the account from that point forward.

If the local user does not currently exist on the machine, JumpCloud will automatically create a new account when a JumpCloud user is bound to the device. 


  • Pre-existing accounts not added to JumpCloud are not affected by JumpCloud in any way. This includes the Administrator account on the system.
  • If you want JumpCloud to manage an account that was linked to Windows Live, you must first unlink it.
  • Microsoft Accounts are different than local user accounts. 

To unlink an account in Windows 10 and 11:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Accounts.
  3. Click Your Info
  4. Click on Sign in with a local account instead.


In Windows 11, scroll down to Account Settings > Microsoft account to see this option.

  1. You’re prompted to switch to a local account. Click Next.
  2. In the Windows Security prompt, enter your Microsoft Account password and click OK.
  3. Enter your local account credentials and click Next.


For your user name, use your JumpCloud username (not your full name). JumpCloud will set your long name after it takes over your account.

  1. Click Sign out and finish.
  2. After being automatically logged out, log back in with your new account credentials.

Your user account can now be fully managed by JumpCloud.

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