Troubleshoot: Windows Connect Key

This article addresses an issue where an Admin is unable to add a Windows device to JumpCloud with a valid Connect Key.


When installing the JumpCloud Agent on a Windows device using a valid Admin account and Connect Key, there are issues with installing or registering the device with the proper Connect Key.

Possible Causes

Before performing any steps to resolve the issue, check the following:

  • Confirm the admin is using the Connect Key and not the API key. See Understanding the Connect Key.
  • Confirm the admin is authenticated to the correct org and is using the correct Connect Key for that org. This can be an issue if the admin has access to multiple JumpCloud orgs.
  • Confirm the device is not bound to Active Directory. You can check this on a Windows device:
    1. Click Start and type system to search for Advanced System Settings.
    2. Open Advanced System Settings and go to the Computer Name tab.
    3. A domain joined device will list the domain under the Full computer name.
  • Check the JumpCloud install log in C:\Users\(accountusedtoinstall)\AppData\Local\Temp\jcagent.log.


AppData is a hidden system file.

  • In the install log, verify if this line exists:
    error=’Could not unmarshal bootstrap file ‘C:\Program Files\JumpCloud\Plugins\Contrib\agentBootstrap.json’, err=’invalid character ‘\n’ in string literal’


This error indicates an extraneous hard return. In Windows, this is hidden character within some text editors. When working with the Connect Key, it is best to copy from the Admin Portal, a terminal, or to manually enter in the value.


If you see the previous error in the agent’s install.log, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Connect Key to notepad and verify there are no hard returns or spaces within the key.
  2. Cut and paste into the installer prompt.
  3. If this fails to allow the install to continue, manually type in the Connect Key within the Agent Installer Wizard.
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