Troubleshoot: Personio Integration

This article contains troubleshooting steps for common issues with the Personio Integration.

I’m getting an ‘Unable to fetch users’ error. 

Your import timed out. Did you select all of the user attributes in the Readable employee attributes dropdown in Personio? Try selecting only the attributes you need versus all of the attributes and regenerating your credentials.

My import is taking a really long time and then it fails.

You selected too many attributes with your credentials. Try selecting fewer attributes and regenerating your credentials.

I accidentally selected a user that I’ve already imported. Will it create a duplicate record?

No, if the user has an email that already exists in JumpCloud, it will not create a duplicate record. 

Manager not being populated.

If the manager doesn't exist in JumpCloud when the user was added or updated, the field will remain blank. Once the manager's user record is created in JumpCloud, the manager value will be added on the next update.

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