Troubleshoot: JumpCloud Password Manager Prompts To Clear App After Re-Activation


Users receive a “Clear App” notification on their paired JumpCloud Password Manager apps after re-activation of their account on one of their other apps.

For example, a user has three devices paired:

  • app-x
  • app-y
  • and app-z

The user re-activates their account on app-x. “Clear App” now appears on the remaining devices: app-y and app-z. If the user now proceeds with account recovery on app-y, “Clear App” now appears on app-x and app-z. Every time the user recovers on one of their paired apps, the remaining paired apps prompt to "Clear App." This causes a loop which continues until the issue is addressed.


For the user to resolve this loop, they should select “Clear App” instead of recovering on each of the other devices. Then they can sign up and pair them again to their primary app (the one they last recovered their account on).

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