Troubleshoot: JumpCloud Password Manager Autofill Isn’t Working

While using the JumpCloud Password Manager App and Browser Extension, there may be certain websites where the icon is grayed out or is not autofilling your login credentials. This is caused by the current website domain not being tied to an existing password entry. See the following instructions on how to resolve this issue.

Autofill Isn’t Available on Specific Websites

Symptom: The browser extension is unlocked and ready, but username and password fields do not show the drop down menu with password items.


  1. First, verify the domain of the website is correct. One of the most common reasons is that domains often change during the login process, or a password was originally detected on a different domain and was saved for that one instead. This usually presents as a login field with a “grayed out” icon.
    • One common example is any login related to Microsoft’s Office platform. Here are some website domains that may use MS credentials.
    • If the credentials are on the wrong website domain, you can either:
      1. Correct the issue by editing the website domain to the correct website domain on the password entry in the JumpCloud Password Manager App.
      2. Add additional website domains to the password entry.
  2. If the domain is correct and the password items are configured properly, verify that the user is not in “Incognito Mode” or in a Private Window within the Web Browser. If they are in some form of Incognito Mode, they will need to set the browser to use the JumpCloud Password Manager Extension in this mode manually.
  3. If the password items are correct and the autofill looks working for other websites/items, a restart of the password manager and browser are recommended.
    1. Restart the JumpCloud Password Manager Desktop App.
    2. Restart the Web Browser.
  4. If none of the previous steps helped, the website may need specific handling from the browser extension side (this happens when the website login form is not engineered up to certain standards). In this case please share the website login page URL with the our Support team.

Add Additional Website Domains to a Password Entry

If you have an account that is used with multiple website domains (i.e. and, you can add the additional website domain to your password entry:

  1. Launch the JumpCloud Password Manager Desktop App, find the password item in the user’s vault, and click Edit.
  2. Once edit is selected, the Add Website option shows up for the website field.
  3. Add the additional domain and click Save.
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