Subscribe to New Feature and Product Update Announcements

Users can subscribe to notifications of new feature and product update announcements at JumpCloud. These announcements include "What's New" content, various release note updates for new articles and product features, and bug fix reports.

To subscribe to Help Center notifications and announcements:

  1. Go to the Release Notes and Bug Fixes page.
  2. Select the content you want to receive in your RSS feed:
    1. To receive notifications for any new content added to the Help Center, click Subscribe to Support RSS Feed.
    2. (Optional) To specifically receive notifications for Product release notes, Agent release notes, and bug fix reports, click Subscribe to Release Notes and Bug Fixes RSS Feed.
    3. (Optional) To specifically receive notifications for Agent release notes, click Subscribe to Agent Release Notes RSS Feed.
    4. (Optional) To specifically receive notifications for bug fix content, click Subscribe to Bug Fixes RSS Feed.


After subscribing, you will automatically receive any new updates in your RSS reader.

  1. To view your subscribed notifications, use an RSS reader of your choice. Most browsers have built-in RSS readers, or you can manually subscribe to an RSS reader.


Google Chrome doesn't have a built-in RSS reader. Add a browser extension like RSS Feed Reader to view feeds in Chrome.

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