Map a Network Drive

There are many different methods for mapping a drive. This article details how to map a network drive upon login using a registry entry and a batch file, without needing to store a password in plain text.

This method assumes the file server is set up with permissions using the method described in Manage NFS in JumpCloud.


This method will create a G:\ drive upon user login, put the login script in c:\scripts\ and name the registry key mapdrive. These are all variables that can easily be changed to accommodate different use cases and environments.

  1. Create a batch file containing the following, replacing the net use path as necessary:

echo off
reg add hklm\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run /v mapdrive /t REG_SZ /d c:\scripts\netuse.bat /fmkdir c:\scripts
echo net use * /delete /yes > c:\scripts\netuse.bat
echo net use g: "\\fileserver\share" /user:%%username%% >> c:\scripts\netuse.bat

  1. Create a command in the JumpCloud Admin Portal, making sure the Windows PowerShell option is not selected. For this example, name it setnetdrive.bat.

cmd.exe /c c:\windows\temp\setnetdrive.bat

  1. Go to the file upload section and upload your setnetdrive.bat to c:\windows\temp and run it on any target system where drives need to be mapped.  
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