Manage Snap Packages

Snap apps are universally compiled applications which run across multiple linux distributions. One advantage of using Snap to manage applications across Linux systems is that a single command can install and remove Snap applications across multiple systems. Snap packages are automatically updated, and updates can be scheduled to match your organization's needs. 

IT Admins who manage recent Ubuntu distributions will find that the Snap daemon is pre-installed on those systems. If Snap is not pre-installed and a Linux distribution supports apt, the Snap daemon can be installed with apt and a JumpCloud command.

Available applications can be browsed through Snap’s Store or through the command line utility. If a desired application exists in the Snap Store, it can be installed using a JumpCloud command.

Managing applications on Linux systems doesn’t have to be a chore with Snap apps. For more automation actions and commands, check out the JumpCloud Commands Gallery.

Find links to sample commands below:

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