JumpCloud Agent Release Notes for October 31, 2023

New Agent Release (version 1.147.0)


Agent releases are rolled out over the course of the week. You may not see these changes right away. 



  • We fixed a bug that prevented setting sudo properly on RedHat 9.x.



  • We resolved a bug where in some cases, JumpCloud-managed users weren’t able to update their profile picture on macOS.
  • We rolled back a fix in last week’s Agent release that was meant to resolve an issue encountered when using JumpCloud Go on macOS.
    • Checks made to ensure that the user authenticating with JumpCloud Go was a managed user bound to the device did not work if that managed user was created by taking over a local user account where the JumpCloud username was different from the local device username, and would show a ”Current user is not a JumpCloud managed user on this device” error. 
    • JumpCloud Go now works when using the local account username feature.



  • We fixed an issue discovered on Windows with Sign in with JumpCloud when there is no Internet access. We’ll now display an error when attempting to Sign in with JumpCloud if there is no network connection.
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