JumpCloud Agent Release Notes for December 5, 2023

New Agent release (version 1.157.0)


Agent releases are rolled out over the course of the week. You may not see these changes right away.



  • Added support for Debian 12.


  • Resolved an issue with sudo permissions not being set properly on Rocky Linux 9.x.



  • Updated branding featured on JumpCloud Go authentication.
  • Made enhancements to preserve a suspended user’s ability to log in to FileVault. This gives IT Admins a method to get the JumpCloud agent up and running, and further limits what users can do on managed devices that they have been suspended from.


  • Resolved an issue with account password synchronization.
  • Fixed an issue with the login window when a large number of users are bound to the device.
  • Resolved an issue with JumpCloud Go when the local account is a managed user.



  • BitLocker Recovery Key more consistently works to unlock any non-OS drive that is locked and Auto Unlock is enabled for drives, if necessary.
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