Install the JumpCloud Agent from Command Line

This article describes installing the agent via the command line manually for Windows and Linux. These instructions may be used in conjunction with deployment solutions that will allow for scripted installation, such as Meraki.


Command line installation of the agent on a Mac is not recommended due to changes introduced in macOS Big Sur. See Manage Apple Devices with MDM and follow the MDM enrollment process for agent installation on macOS.


  • Root or admin access
  • Review Agent Compatibility, System Requirements, and Impacts
  • Internet connectivity and time synchronization
  • JumpCloud Installer (Windows)
  • A connect key:
    • In the Admin Portal, go to Devices. Click ( + ), and click the Windows tab for the connect key.


Silent Install

This PowerShell script can be used to download and install the JumpCloud agent and its dependencies silently. 

To run unattended, pass in the parameter -JumpCloudConnectKey when calling the script.

To run the manual silent install: 

  1. Download the installer manually or use the PowerShell script. See Install or Reinstall the Agent with PowerShell.
  2. Change to the directory where the installer resides.
  3. Run either of the following commands depending on if you are running command line or PowerShell:
  • For Command Line:


  • For PowerShell:

msiexec /i “<path to file>\<msi name>.msi” /quiet JCINSTALLERARGUMENTS=`”-k YOUR_CONNECT_KEY_HERE /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES`”

Common Command Line Options

  • -k YOUR_CONNECT_KEY_HERE allows you to set your connect key for unattended installations.
  • /SILENT displays the installer GUI, but walks through the steps automatically. It will prompt you if you wish to reboot now, when the install is complete.
  • /VERYSILENT hides the installer GUI and walks through the steps automatically. It will automatically reboot after it finishes.
  • /NORESTART prevents setup from restarting the device following a successful installation. This command is typically used with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT.
  • /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES answers yes to any installation dependencies, such as MFC redistributables.

To show all command line options available for Windows, use /help.


  1. Log in to the system as a sudoer or root.
  2. Run this command:

curl --tlsv1.2 --silent --show-error --header 'x-connect-key: YOUR_CONNECT_KEY_HERE' | sudo bash


You can also copy this command directly from the JumpCloud Admin Portal. Go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT > Devices. From the Devices tab, click to add a new device. Click to copy the install command on the Linux tab.

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