Import Linux Users with a Shell Script

You can auto-import your existing Linux users into JumpCloud via a script which leverages the JumpCloud API and a JumpCloud commands.

Once you've downloaded the script from Github, modify these three things:

  1. Your API Key: Used to access your JumpCloud account to identify users already added, and to add new users to it.
  2. userAddEmailMap: A simple bash here-document that maps Linux usernames to their email accounts for all users. When they’re found on one of your servers, that account is added to JumpCloud.
  3. userIgnoreList: A list of user accounts on your servers that you do not want added to JumpCloud.

Once the script is prepared, you can leverage a JumpCloud command to run it against your systems. See Get Started: Commands.

Next, look at the command results details for each server to see which users were automatically added, which already existed within JumpCloud, and which were found, but not in JumpCloud, or in either the userAddEmailMap or userIgnoreList.

You can run the script as many times as you like, modifying the userAddEmailMap or userIgnoreList as you go until all your users are imported.

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