FAQ: Windows MDM

  • Q: Which devices support the new User Portal enrollment method?
    • We support Pro, Enterprise, and Education versions of Windows 10/11.
    • Devices running Windows 10/11 can leverage the agent-led User Portal device enrollment workflow for onboarding.
    • Windows MDM is not supported for Windows Home and Server versions; these versions only support JumpCloud device agent installations.
  • Q: Do end users need Admin permission to enroll their devices into Windows MDM?
    • Yes, Admin permission is required for enrolling into any Windows MDM.
  • Q: Can a device be enrolled into multiple Windows MDM vendors (Intune & JumpCloud?)
    • No, you can only enroll a device with a single vendor. If a device is already enrolled and an end user attempts to enroll with another vendor, an error message will display. 
  • Q: What happens if devices are already managed by the JumpCloud agent and end users enroll the device into Windows MDM via the User Portal?
    • You can enroll existing agent-managed devices into Windows MDM via the User Portal, and they will not be enrolled as new systems. However, this is not recommended since user action is required; we recommend enabling the auto-enrollment toggle feature. 
  • Q: Will domain bound machines that are managed by JC be auto-enrolled?
    • Yes, we verified that on-premise Active Directory-registered devices will be auto-enrolled. 
  • Q: Will auto-enrollment work on unactivated Windows devices?
    • Yes, auto-enrollment has been tested and works on unactivated Windows devices.
  • Q: Does a user have to log in before MDM enrollment will complete?
    • Users do not have to log in for MDM enrollment to complete.
  • Q: Does a user have to be a JumpCloud-managed user for auto-enrollment to complete?
    • No managed user needs to be on the device for auto-enrollment to complete.
  • Q: Will a standard (non-Admin) user work?
    • A user with Admin privileges is required for user enrollment in MDM, but they do not need to be a managed user, or do anything in particular for auto-enrollment to work.

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