Discover Third-Party Integrations

There are a number of developers that have created public GitHub repositories containing code that solves for a variety of use cases. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of these repos.


JumpCloud does not develop, test, or support the code contained in third-party repos. Any issues should be directed at the respective owners. 

If you have a unique solution integrating with JumpCloud published in the public realm, feel free to send details in the feedback form at the bottom of this article and we'll review for inclusion on this page. - Multiplier automates group assignment and enables identity and access management (IAM) workflows to be implemented using Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM) and JumpCloud. - bob has a custom API integration that they have created.

iLert has created a JumpCloud integration on their platform to set up alerting for device health monitoring. See JumpCloud Integration - JumpCloud has a strategic partnership with Workato, who has this API integration. -  This role installs the JumpCloud agent and restarts the JumpCloud agent service as required. It also makes use of JumpCloud API to set JumpCloud System attributes. - Ansible role to install the JumpCloud Agent. This role was inspired by modcloth's SumoCollector role and the RO NewRelic Role. - Installs Jumpcloud for Centos 6 & 7  - A Terraform provider for JumpCloud. As time goes on, this will implement JumpCloud's API as exposed through their Go SDK. Where It Stands: Currently implemented is the creation, update, read, deletion, and import of users using the SystemUsers interface. - Formula to set up and configure the JumpCloud-based authentication services. - Command to generate credentials for aws-cli when you have SAML authentication with JumpCloud - CLI tool which enables you to login and retrieve AWS temporary credentials using SAML - Go binary for performing JumpCloud SystemContext API calls. -  This repository contains many helpful scripts of many languages for you and your Mac - Python client for syncing LastPass Enterprise with a remote directory over LDAP - This project helps to create a Slack bot to interact with Jumpcloud APIs via slash commands without the need of giving access to Jumpcloud Admin console to your users. - Implementation of a Jumpcloud CLI written in python

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