Disable Microsoft 365 Federation with PowerShell

By default, Federated SignOn is disabled. In order for SAML SSO to work with Microsoft 365, the domain needs to be set to managedThis setting can be changed by administrators. Before you continue to set up SSO, you’ll want to verify that Federated SignOn is disabled in your organization for the domain you’re planning to federate with JumpCloud Single Sign On.

To read more on updating Federation of Domains, see Microsoft's Update or repair the settings of a federated domain in Microsoft 365, Azure, or Intune.

To set domain from federated to managed:

  1. Connect to Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Graph PowerShell.
  2. Connect to your Azure Office 365 tenant by running the following cmdlet:
    • Connect-MsolService
  3. Enter your Office 365 Global Administrator Credentials
  4. Change Federation Authentication from Federated to Managed running this cmdlet:
    • Set-MsolDomainAuthentication -DomainName <YourO365Domain.com> -Authentication managed
  5. To check Federation status, run this cmdlet:
    • Get-MsolDomain

Authentication Status is now listed as managed.

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