Bug Fix Report for January 20-26, 2023

See below for a list of bug fixes completed between January 20 and January 26, 2023:

  • Device List Filter: Resolved an issue where Fleet Distribution deep links were not displaying the correct Windows devices on the Device List. Deep link filters from the Fleet Distribution are now being successfully applied on the Device List. 
  • JumpCloud Agent: When installing the JumpCloud agent on a Linux device, SSH Settings are no longer incorrectly shown as enabled. Previously, Allow SSH Root Login was enabled if the PermitRootLogin value was anything but “no.” Now, this option is only enabled if the value is “yes,” and other non-yes values – such as “prohibit-password” (or its deprecated alias, “without-password”), “forced-commands-only”, or “no” – will result in the option being unchecked. 
  • SSO Connector: Added additional information to the pre-existing connector values to aid users in setting up the Udemy Business SSO  connector. 
  • Authentication: Fixed an issue where the reset password message on the User Portal wasn’t always detecting that the password had been changed from a device. Now the password change is being detected and the message is dismissed. 
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