Bug Fix Report for December 9-16, 2022

See below for a list of bug fixes completed between December 9 and December 16, 2022:

  • Customer Voice: If an admin wants to renew an IdM token but is unable to, make sure they deactivate and restart their current SCIM connector. This will not impact current setup or any users. 
  • Commands: Resolved an issue with queued commands failing to load. 
  • Authentication (Password Manager):
    • iOS app, when opened from a notification, is no longer crashing. 
    • iOS app is no longer mixing the approval of items. 
    • Android app is now handling multiple requests appropriately. 
    • Notifications are appropriately displayed on the iOS app. 
    • Notifications are displaying as expected on the Apple watch. 
    • On the iOS app, the Disconnect option for an unlock request was changed to Don’t Unlock. 
    • The unlock request is working appropriately on the Android app. 
    • An issue with the iOS app getting unpaired when the app is operating in the background has been fixed. 
    • Autofill requests on the iOS app are no longer continuing to show after rejection. 
    • Items are displaying appropriately in both the mobile and desktop apps, when those apps are paired. 
    • The Offline hover text is now displaying appropriately on the desktop app. 
    • An issue with multiple files downloading during the backup process has been fixed. 
    • Password and TOTP tokens are now syncing and populating as expected after a restart. 
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