Bug Fix Report for March 22 to 28

See below for a list of bug fixes completed between March 22-28:

Password Manager

  • Fixed an issue with autofill in the Password Manager Browser Extension.

Remote Assist

  • Enhanced the error message by providing a link to the relevant support article in the Admin portal if macOS permissions are missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Chrome webpages were crashing when the Remote Assist session ended.
  • Fixed an issue where for a specific device, the Remote Assist Agent would launch and crash in a few seconds. The Agent would then fail to launch in the subsequent sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where capitalization using the Caps Lock and Shift keys was not working.
  • Added an enhancement to include device display name in remote assist events data so that users can identify the device and its related events by applying appropriate filters.
  • Fixed an issue where if the end user device had a HDR enabled single monitor, the Remote Assist Agent failed to disable it. As a result, the mouse position on the end user screen was offset.
  • Added an enhancement to allow users to get the Remote Assist Agent version using a command line.
  • Added an enhancement to prevent the Admin from accessing specific Remote Assist Agent UI options such as the Revoke Control, End Session, and Dismiss buttons . Now only the end user can access these options.
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