Add a User Group to a Device Group

Use the Device Panel's Device Group tab to see which device groups are connected to the device and to connect new device groups to the device. See Create a Device Group

Binding a user group to a device group will create a local user account for each user in the user group on each device in the device group. Adding a large number of user accounts to a device may prevent it from operating correctly.

To connect a user group to a device groups:
You must have already created a device group to bind it to the device.

  1. Log in to the JumpCloud Admin Portal.
  2. Go to USER MANAGEMENT > User Groups.
  3. Select the user group by clicking anywhere on the user group’s row.
  4. Select the Device Groups tab.
  5. Click the checkbox next to the device group you want to bind the user group to. 
  6. Click save.
  7. Click Bind Device Groups.


  • If users are connected through Group Membership: Those from the Users list who have the Enable Permissions in the Administrator/Sudo option appear in the Permissions column are connected to the device through group membership. If their connection is removed, you’re presented with the option to remove the user from the group that has been granted access to the device. Click Enable Permissions to create a direct connection between the user and the device, as well as set standard user and/or administrator permissions. Group membership for the user remains unchanged.
  • If Users Are Connected Directly: Users who have a direct bind to a device (indicated by the darker blue checked box) have direct permissions applied to that device. You can define the type of permission for this individual user. 
  • If the connection is removed, the direct relationship between the device and the user is removed. The user may still have access granted to the device through membership to a user group that is connected to a device group that has that device assigned to it. 
  • Use caution when unbinding users from devices. If the device has no user accounts on it, the device can become locked and will no longer be able to be accessed by JumpCloud. 
  • Devices that were installed by an end user but are not yet bound in the Admin Portal, will be found in the Unmanaged Devices tab on the Devices page. This tab will only be visible if there are devices which meet this criteria.
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