Device Authentication and Management

Demystifying Mac Administration: Big Sur, Zero-Touch, and the Mac vs. PC at Work Debate

Meet the Speakers:

Tom Bridge

Mac Admins Podcast Host & Technolutionary Founding Partner

Bradley Chambers

Writer at 9to5Mac & IT Director

Mac administration isn’t what it was a year ago. In a matter of months, admins had to figure out how to secure and configure devices remotely with capabilities like zero-touch enrollment, identify what it takes to manage pre- and post-Big Sur Macs, and control the variables to support hybrid fleets of Macs and PCs. Join leading Apple industry speakers and practitioners Bradley Chambers, writer at 9to5Mac and IT Director, and Tom Bridge, host of the Mac Admins Podcast and Founding Partner at Technolutionary, as they demystify these topics and offer practical solutions for Mac admins in 2021.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The nuances of Mac management and MDMs in the Big Sur era
  • If Macs or PCs have more advantages for cloud-first organizations
  • How zero-touch workflows are critical for remote work — and make Macs an enterprise-grade OS
  • The advantages of combining Apple MDM in a cloud directory
  • And more!

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Device Authentication and Management

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