5 Ways JumpCloud Increases Productivity

As organizations evaluate their identity and access management (IAM) strategy, increasing productivity for IT admins and end users is a top factor. JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is at the forefront of reimagining IAM, and its entirely cloud-based approach aligns with an industry-wide shift to the cloud.

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Before we discuss 5 ways JumpCloud increases productivity, let’s establish what JumpCloud actually does.

What is JumpCloud?

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JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory service that can connect users to all of their IT resources. JumpCloud is different from most players in the space in that it takes a multi-protocol, vendor independent approach. This enables the cloud identity provider to support the following:

  • Systems (Mac®, Linux® and Windows®)
  • Local and cloud servers
  • LDAP and SAML based apps
  • Physical and virtual file storage
  • RADIUS networks

With one solution, IT admins are managing user authentication and authorization to all of the digital tools in their environment. This does wonders for efficiency. Now that you understand what JumpCloud does, let’s explore 5 ways JumpCloud increases productivity.

A Look at 5 Ways JumpCloud Increases Productivity

1. Eliminates Time Sinks

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The first way JumpCloud increases productivity is that it eliminates time sinks for end users and IT admins. JumpCloud connects users to virtually all of their IT resources, so they only need one identity to access everything. As a result, organizations can say goodbye to the many time sinks that surface when employees have too many passwords. When users only have to remember one, they are less prone to forget it, which results in fewer lockout delays for users and fewer password reset support tickets for IT admins.

For many JumpCloud customers this has been a huge win. One example is Iain Argent, software development manager at Doublestruck. Since Argent has provided end users with one username and password for everything, he’s seen a significant “reduction in reset requests, fewer interruptions for me, and fewer lockouts for end users. That enables me to focus on building new infrastructure and resources for the company rather than keeping access up to date…” On top of that, end users spend more time working and less time waiting to work.

Additionally, since JumpCloud is completely cloud-based, it eliminates time sinks associated with managing and maintaining on-prem hardware. IT admins no longer have to budget time for securing, patching, and upgrading their hardware. The Rock Island School District definitely noticed the extra time they got by moving away from an on-prem directory service:

We’re not dealing with constantly looking at replication and if things back up correctly and all this other stuff that we had to deal with in order to maintain our Active Directory implementation. So that frees us up to do things that we really want to….and provides more time for us to serve the district.

2. Streamlines Onboarding/Offboarding

Another area where JumpCloud is a tremendous time saver is onboarding and offboarding. With features like Group Management, a Powershell Module, and deep integrations with G Suite™ and Office 365™, onboarding and offboarding can be done in minutes.

Data management company Tamr was well versed in the onboarding time sinks that could occur when centralized user management was non-existent: “Before we had JumpCloud, It would take us almost a week to get developers up and running with accounts and access to developer resources. Now, they come on, they fill out the paperwork, and by lunchtime on their first day they have access to everything they need to do their job permanently…”

“With the rest of the day, we can focus on the other parts of our jobs that are more valuable to the company… The results have been awesome.”

However, fast offboarding is just as important as efficient onboarding. Fortunately, deprovisioning access to resources is just as streamlined. According to Tamr, “…it’s awesome to have the functionality that, if someone leaves, we just make one click and then we don’t have to worry about trying to find 100 different accounts. We can just disable it and we’re good to go.”

When it’s all said and done, you have to ask yourself, do you really want new hires waiting a week before they can start contributing meaningfully? And, is it really ideal for IT admins to spend hours each week just onboarding and offboarding new hires?

3. Automates Bulk Tasks

The third way JumpCloud increases productivity is that it makes it easy to automate bulk tasks. Within the user interface, it’s possible to execute tasks across groups of users and fleets of systems in a couple of clicks. Prefer to bypass the UI altogether? Well, JumpCloud is API and command-line driven, and this has proven to be a key component for many JumpCloud customers and partners. For instance, PriorityOne is a UK based Managed Service Provider that supports 50 clients that have anywhere from 10 to 300 employees.

“JumpCloud’s ability to send out Powershell commands is just absolutely brilliant. We’ve saved so much time with that alone.”

Specifically, PriorityOne needed to ensure their client’s Windows systems automatically screen locked within a certain amount of time. “With JumpCloud, we were able to push a policy to fix that to all of the machines instantly.” Can you imagine the time wasted if they had to take care of that manually?

The best part is you don’t have to be a PowerShell expert to enjoy the automation it offers because the PowerShell module only requires IT admins to have some basic aptitude and the ability to copy and paste. Another JumpCloud customer, Cabify, found that “they were able to easily import their G Suite users…by using the user import tutorials that were on JumpCloud’s website.” After their experience, Cabify knew “it would be fairly simple for just about any IT admin to use the PowerShell Module.”

4. Makes It Easy to Delegate Tasks

A simple user interface, thorough documentation, and helpful videos make it possible for just about anybody to use JumpCloud. What does this have to do with productivity? Well, it makes it a lot easier to delegate tasks and have many hands make a big task seem like light work. This is one of the reasons Andy Halvorsen from flex media platform Ooyala implemented JumpCloud. Ooyala had been using OpenLDAP for their core identity provider, but they grew tired of its technical nature. Andy explains, “If someone is an administrator, they can do some pretty heinous stuff on accident. If they use an LDAP browser to modify OpenLDAP, they can inadvertently delete an entire group of users… That primarily is why I’d prefer to see all of my desktop admins using JumpCloud rather than trying to become an engineer in LDAP to make changes.”

“I can just put an admin with any depth of experience on it, and they can change groups, and they can deactivate people. I can entrust a lot more control to a lower level admin.”

So, instead of using one engineer to manage 700+ users in OpenLDAP, Ooyala’s entire IT team can help connect users to their IT resources.

Additionally, JumpCloud’s ease-of-use has made it possible for IT organizations to delegate tasks to other departments. At least, that’s what Enrique Salgado over at Cabify has been able to do with onboarding:

”Right now most of our onboarding is not done by IT. For example, the business intelligence (BI) team needed to onboard users to Tableau, and I asked them to do it themselves. I created an admin account for them, and they were able to onboard their users to Tableau without my help. It was nice that they were able to use JumpCloud pretty easily, and that I could delegate that task to them instead of doing it myself.”

By offloading this responsibility, Enrique and his team have been able to execute more quickly on other tasks like securing and centralizing other areas of their environment.

5. Empowers Users with the Best Tools for the Job

True SSO for on prem and cloud resources

Lastly, JumpCloud makes work happen for your end users by connecting them to virtually any IT resource they need. This flexible approach means IT resources are chosen based on the value they provide the organization – not on how easily they integrate with the identity provider. The Church Online, for instance, provides technology and design services to churches. When it comes to The Church Online’s file storage, the best tools for the job are on-prem file servers. As Brandon Locke, their technical coordinator, put it:

“With the amount of design work alone that our team handles on a daily basis, the on-prem storage that file servers offer is incredibly important simply to alleviate bandwidth. Speed is also a concern, as we conduct high bandwidth tasks such as video editing. This is especially hard on network services.”

Clearly, on-prem file servers provide tremendous business value to The Church Online by enabling them to produce their deliverables in an efficient manner. They would be in a tough spot if their identity provider only supported cloud storage solutions or couldn’t work with their existing infrastructure. Fortunately, with JumpCloud’s flexible approach to directory services, The Church Online is able to maintain their use of Samba-based file servers while providing their users with frictionless access not only to file storage but also systems, apps, and networks.

Ultimately, JumpCloud increases productivity by providing IT admins with one identity management solution that can centralize control over their environment. This provides employees with frictionless access to the tools they need everyday, and sysadmins earn more time to focus on the projects that will make the company’s network the best that it can be. In other words, JumpCloud empowers everyone to make the most out of the hours they work each day.

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The 5 ways JumpCloud increases productivity is just the beginning of how the cloud IAM platform can transform your IT environment. Discover more about how a cloud directory service can impact your IT organization by reading one of the case studies above. If you are ready to see Directory-as-a-Service in action, sign up for a demo and witness firsthand the time savings JumpCloud has to offer.

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