Hibo joins forces with Injenia to deploy JumpCloud for identity and mobile device management, improving digital security

Hibo is a creative agency that helps luxury brands — like Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ducati, and DeLonghi — enhance their marketing and advertising campaigns by providing digital strategy, content creation, web development, graphic design, social media strategy, customer journey analysis, and reputation monitoring services, among other things. The company, founded in 2009, is headquartered in Bologna, Italy and is powered by a team of 50 employees.

Injenia is a software consultancy that helps make companies better places to live and work through digital transformation initiatives. It develops innovation projects providing high-value solutions, including digital workplace, machine learning and generative AI, data, cloud, and app mod. Founded in 2005, Injenia is headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Modernizing its approach to digital security 

When Francesco Landoni joined Hibo in 2020, the company had 20 employees. Hibo continued growing over the ensuing years; by 2023, the company’s headcount had more than doubled, with 80 workers helping luxury brands optimize their marketing and advertising efforts.

As the company’s senior developer, Landoni was looking to help sharpen Hibo’s security stance to keep networks and devices safe and ensure sensitive data was protected. In support of that effort, Landoni began looking for tools that would enhance the company’s approach to identity management and device management

Since Hibo was a Mac shop and the company relied heavily on Google’s suite of business tools, Landoni had two key requirements as he started looking for a solution: the right platform would be compatible with the Google ecosystem and would also provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Ultimately, the company had its sights set on achieving ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate its commitment to cybersecurity best practices and quality management.

Partnering with Injenia to deploy JumpCloud

Around this time, Hibo started working with Injenia, an IT solutions provider headquartered in the same city. As Landoni reached out to the Injenia team asking about a solution to this problem, he found out about JumpCloud. 

Liking what he saw, Landoni decided to work with Injenia to deploy JumpCloud, starting with a very small pilot program of “three or four accounts” in August 2023.

“After we established the connection between Google and JumpCloud as an identity provider, we extended JumpCloud across the whole company,” Landoni says. “We didn’t have any issues with integration.” 

Improving security & centralizing mobile device management

Rolling out JumpCloud across the organization was an exceptionally smooth process thanks to Injenia’s helping hand.

“They are a great partner and were a big help when we began transitioning onto the JumpCloud platform,” Landoni continues. “They helped us understand how JumpCloud and Google worked together and how we could migrate SSO onto JumpCloud right away.” 

Protecting company devices

JumpCloud’s mobile device management capabilities enable Hibo to control all company devices from one central location. Now, workers can access the tools they need from their laptops and their mobile devices, increasing team productivity while ensuring sensitive intellectual property and customer data stays secure.

“It’s working great,” he says. “We use MDM to fully control all of our devices.”

Strengthening the company’s security posture

Using JumpCloud, Hibo has enforced multi-factor authentication, further improving the company’s security stance. The company is also using JumpCloud’s patch management tools to further secure applications and data.

“We can force the user to update their devices to the latest version as soon as possible,” Landoni says. “We can also enforce policies that ensure our team follows cybersecurity best practices, like automatically locking a screen after a device isn’t used for five minutes.” 

Achieving ISO certifications to protect sensitive data

With JumpCloud giving Landoni full control over identities and devices, the company was able to achieve ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification — giving its high-profile clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their sensitive company data is safe with Hibo.

With JumpCloud protecting the company’s network, devices, and data, Hibo is confident it can continue delivering top-notch creative agency services, safely and securely, to some of the most successful and impactful brands in the world. 

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