Endeavor Chooses JumpCloud to Implement a Cloud Directory & Streamline Device Management

Endeavor is a nonprofit organization that maintains a global community of more than 2,300 high-impact entrepreneurs and provides business networking opportunities, community events, structured peer groups, and collective and individual mentoring sessions, among other things. The organization, which was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in New York City, also invests in startups via the Endeavor Catalyst Fund. Currently, Endeavor has more than 500 employees working out of 41 markets around the world. 

Lacking a Directory Service and a Device Management Solution

Endeavor Brazil is the nonprofit’s largest affiliate office, employing 20% of Endeavor’s workforce. The company — with an environment that lives entirely in AWS, with nothing on-prem — was using Google Suite to manage users and still had to configure new devices manually in person. Additionally, they relied on Google Sheets to keep track of all of their machines.

As the organization continued to grow, Aruã Caselli — head of Endeavor Brazil’s innovation team, which oversees IT operations — realized there had to be a better, more efficient solution to this problem.

“We needed to be able to manage our devices remotely,” Caselli explains. 

Choosing JumpCloud to Simplify User and Device Management

Seeking a better way forward, Caselli and his team began looking for a solution that would give them more control over the way they managed users and devices.

After researching their options, they ultimately decided that JumpCloud — with both device management and user management functionality — was the perfect fit for their needs and rolled it out.

“JumpCloud lets us see, in real time, where our notebooks are and what their status is,” Caselli says. “With JumpCloud as a cloud directory, we can also implement group policies, which makes life easier, too.” 

Improving IT Productivity and Security with JumpCloud

Endeavor hasn’t looked back since rolling out JumpCloud, which has been the perfect solution for their user and device management needs. Looking ahead, the company plans to investigate more of JumpCloud’s potential, including its single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. In any case, the company is happy with the benefits they’ve already unlocked with JumpCloud.

Improved IT productivity

JumpCloud helps the Endeavor Brazil IT team accomplish more every day. From a productivity perspective, the ability to push user accounts to Mac and PC devices has been particularly beneficial.

“It makes our maintenance process more efficient,” explains Geovanni Nascimento, an information security analyst at Endeavor Brazil. “When someone has a technical issue, we just give them another device. We don’t have to take a machine, fix it, and then return it after a repair.”

Increased visibility into devices

JumpCloud gives Endeavor’s IT team deep visibility into each user’s devices, which makes it easy to ensure they’re protected and are only used by authorized individuals. 

“With JumpCloud, we can see everything that happens on each user’s machine — including logs about active hours, who used it last, and when the last update package was installed,” Nascimento says. “Looking at compliance, this is very helpful.”

Additionally, the IT team uses JumpCloud to make spot changes to specific teams with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t be interfering with other teams or groups of devices.

Enhanced security

JumpCloud has also enabled Endeavor to significantly improve its security stance. 

For example, Endeavor has implemented several policies, including blocking control panel access, blocking notebook access after five minutes of inactivity, and allowing the use of biometrics for user authentication, among other things.

Accelerated onboarding and offboarding

With JumpCloud, the Endeavor team has been able to streamline both its onboarding and offboarding processes.

When it’s time to onboard new users, IT simply installs the JumpCloud agent on a device and creates a new user profile with all relevant information.

“After the device has been enabled in the console, we link it to the new user,” Nascimento says. “We include the new user in the right group and the device in the correct device group to make sure each device receives the appropriate policies.” 

When an employee transitions out of the company, IT simply unlinks the user from their devices, revokes access, and deletes the user from JumpCloud.

“After that, we recover the device, restore it, and give it to another user,” Nascimento says. “It’s that simple.”

Still on the fence about JumpCloud?

“Having a cloud directory as adaptable as JumpCloud delivers great improvements to your technological infrastructure,” Nascimento concludes. “With tons of features and powerful integrations, JumpCloud enables countless possibilities.”

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