Consider Cloud IAM: The Value of JumpCloud

How do you quantify the value of moving your organization to a cloud-based directory service like JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®?

Many organizations are still using on-prem solutions like Microsoft Active Directory, but the time has come to make the shift to the cloud. Today, we will explore the value of JumpCloud, and, by extension, the reasons to consider cloud identity management.

The Dollar Value of JumpCloud

When justifying the value of JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service, IT organizations can consider this one platform covering the following areas:

Directory Services

JumpCloud is a core user management platform connecting users to IT resources including systems (Windows®, Mac®, Linux®), legacy and web applications, physical and virtual file servers, and wired and WiFi networks. As a cloud directory, IT resources can authenticate against the directory from a variety of locations and protocols. Native integrations with G Suite™, Office 365™, Microsoft® Active Directory®, and Workday extend user identities to core productivity platforms.

Web App SSO

A common theme with legacy directory services is the need for an add-on web application single sign-on platform. In fact, a whole category for IAM (often called IDaaS) has been devoted to being an extension to Active Directory for web applications. With JumpCloud, connecting to core business web applications that can leverage the SAML protocol is included in the platform.

System Management

AD revolutionized the directory services space by including the GPO function to manage a fleet of Windows systems. JumpCloud’s directory service takes this even further providing GPO-like functions across all three major platforms – macOS®, Linux, and Windows, while also providing the ability to run ad hoc or scheduled commands and scripts in virtually any language.


One of the most critical steps that an organization can take with respect to identity security is leveraging multi-factor authentication. JumpCloud includes system and application MFA capabilities. IT admins can leverage MFA for macOS and Linux systems and also for users and admins accessing the JumpCloud portals.

Cloud LDAP

A core component of JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service platform is cloud LDAP. Simply point your legacy or modern applications that leverage LDAP and then users in the directory can be easily authenticated to these LDAP based IT resources. Additionally, users can authenticate to a wide range of Samba-based files servers via LDAP-as-a-Service.


Locking down WiFi access with unique credentials is critical. Historically, this required FreeRADIUS servers and a great deal of integration. With a hosted RADIUS server included in JumpCloud’s directory service, IT admins can enable end users to leverage one set of credentials for not only systems and applications, but also to access the WiFi network.

Event Logging

Identity security is one of the most critical parts of network security. JumpCloud’s directory service logs all authentications on systems as well as all actions on the admin and user portals.

Cloud Delivery & Infrastructure

A core part of the value for IT organizations with SaaS-based solutions is off-loading the installation, configuration, and management of solutions. In the case of directory services, IT admins also need to consider tasks such as high availability, security, backup, and more. A cloud directory service handles all of these critical tasks freeing up IT admins for more critical work.

IT organizations can easily place a value to each of these components. There are internal and external costs associated with operating all of solutions discussed above. With JumpCloud’s modern approach to directory services, IT organizations get one price for one solution that has all of those various capabilities included. Clearly, JumpCloud offers significant monetary value compared to approaches that have organizations offer these features separately.

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The Intangible Value of JumpCloud

In addition to the dollars and cents, there are intangibles with cloud directory services that should also be considered. These include:

JumpCloud identity management alternative

Freedom of Choice

Historically, IT organizations have been tied to one vendor’s platforms because of the tight integration of the directory with the IT resources. Now, with a neutral cloud directory service, organizations can leverage the best IT resources regardless of their location or vendor. IT organizations no longer need to be locked in to a single platform.

Increased Security

The number one cause of security breaches is compromised identities. With modern approaches to identity management, IT organizations can dramatically step up their identity security. These capabilities include MFA, SSH key management, password complexity management, and one-way hashed and salted passwords. Couple that with compliance auditing and logging, and stepping up security and compliance can be a great deal easier with Directory-as-a-Service.

Increased End User Productivity

The modern era of IT is about enabling end users, not forcing them into a homogenized approach. End users are more savvy about technology than ever and they know what can make them most productive. A cloud directory service gives IT the control and security that they need while enabling end users to leverage a wide range of IT solutions.

While these intangibles may not have a quantifiable value, for many organizations these can be critical, contributing factors to deciding on whether a cloud directory service like JumpCloud can be valuable.

Summing Up the Value of JumpCloud

For most organizations, JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service can be a highly valuable part of an IT infrastructure. To learn more, contact our support experts with questions or concerns. To see Directory-as-a-Service in action, schedule a demo or sign up for JumpCloud to try it yourself. Both signing up and your first ten users are completely free.

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