Analysis: The Economics of Using JumpCloud

A third-party study on the cost savings and business impacts of JumpCloud’s open directory platform


Does it make economic and strategic sense to implement JumpCloud for your business? Download a copy of Analyzing the Economic Benefits of JumpCloud Device and Identity Management by Nathan McAfee from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group for an in-depth look at the costs, benefits, and potential ROI of the JumpCloud platform based on interviews and data from current customers.
Want more? Watch the webinar where Nathan McAfee discusses how he came to his findings.

In this report, you’ll uncover:

  • A three-year ROI and total cost of ownership model comparing JumpCloud to traditional directory solutions
  • An analysis of the key business benefits that current JumpCloud customers see, such as greater cost-effectiveness, increased agility, and better security
  • How JumpCloud tackles modern identity and access management challenges like IT ecosystem complexity, multi-OS environments, and lack of control over user access

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