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Migration Services

JumpCloud’s Migration Services seamlessly migrate your Customers, Users, Groups, Devices, and Applications from your current (AD or Okta) platform to JumpCloud. A Professional Service Engineer will scope the entirety of your project, develop an agreed-upon project plan and migrate all customer data according to that plan, eliminating the hassle of doing it yourself and instilling confidence when it comes to integrity, uptime, and user impact.

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Advantages of Migration Services

Your Migration Will Be Done Right

Your migration will be done right by professionals with deep technical expertise in Cloud Directory, SSO, MDM, MFA.

Faster Project Completion Time

We’ve done this before. Therefore we can streamline the entire process, saving you time.

Hands-off Migration for your Team

By leveraging our Professional Service Engineers (PSEs), you can kick back while our trained experts handle your migration from your previous directory to JumpCloud. Let us do the work on your behalf!

Fully Managed Project

PSEs manage and execute the migration project on your behalf. You can choose to work alongside the PSE or let them carry out the entirety of the migration project. You are given complete visibility into our project management suite’s tasks, phases, and milestones.

Expertise Where it Counts

The PSEs are trained experts in Okta, AD, and other services and work alongside many other teams here at JumpCloud.

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