LDAP Inventor Joins JumpCloud Technical Advisory Board

Boulder, CO – June 19, 2016 – JumpCloud®, the first Directory-as-a-Service® platform, announced today that technical luminary, Dr. Tim Howes, is joining it’s Technical Advisory Board. Dr. Howes is a noted and respected inventor, entrepreneur, and computer scientist. Dr. Howes is currently Chief Technology Officer at ClearStory Data, a company focused on bringing business-oriented Data Intelligence to everybody through fast-cycle, disparate data analysis. Dr. Howes will contribute to the JumpCloud mission of connecting employee identities to the IT resources they need.

Dr. Howes co-invented the seminal and foundational open source identity protocol, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), in 1991 while a PhD student at the University of Michigan. LDAP has gone on to be the most widely used identity protocol in the world with its use in solutions such as OpenLDAP and Microsoft® Active Directory®. Dr. Howes went on to be CTO of Netscape® Server Products Division. He later co-founded LoudCloud/Opsware and Rockmelt. As CTO of ClearStory Data, Dr. Howes is leading the architecture and execution of next generation Data Intelligence.

“LDAP is now well over 20 years old. My colleagues and I invented the protocol to simplify the task of identity management at a time when it was complex,” said Dr. Tim Howes. “I see the same parallels with JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service. In the cloud era, there is a great deal of complexity and many challenges to identity management. JumpCloud’s vision to move directory services to the cloud and make them multi-location, multi-protocol, and platform agnostic is the right solution for IT organizations worldwide. I’m thrilled to advise and support the JumpCloud team to achieve this vision.”

“LDAP is the foundation of just about every core directory service in existence for the last two decades. Tim’s creation of LDAP has arguably been one of the top five most significant inventions for IT admins,” said Rajat Bhargava, President & CEO, JumpCloud. “We are excited to have Tim’s support and guidance as we build the next generation directory service. Tim understands the gravity of this moment in time with directory services. Our industry has just come from an era of monopolistic dominance and he recognizes – as does JumpCloud – that an independent, platform agnostic cloud-based directory service is needed.”

Dr. Howes will join the JumpCloud Technical Advisory Board immediately while maintaining his full-time role as CTO of ClearStory Data.

About Dr. Tim Howes

Dr. Timothy Howes, Ph.D., co-inventor of LDAP and numerous patents, leads innovation on ClearStory’s Spark-based data analysis platform. A respected entrepreneur and computer scientist, he was a co-founder of Loudcloud/Opsware and Rockmelt and previously served as VP of Engineering at Yahoo and CTO of HP Software and Netscape’s Server Products Division. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, all from the University of Michigan.

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