JumpCloud Launches New Integrations with Slack, Salesforce, GitHub, Atlassian, and AWS

User identity lifecycle management across multiple apps from single cloud directory platform saves IT hours of onboarding / offboarding work 

LOUISVILLE, CO – Oct. 15, 2020 – JumpCloud today announced new integrations that provide IT admins easier user identity lifecycle management across multiple applications from a single platform. These new integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Atlassian, GitHub, and AWS provide streamlined user management to the most common business applications, reducing the time IT admins spend onboarding and offboarding users from hours to minutes.

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JumpCloud will be adding new integrations at a rapid pace with integrations for Zoom, GitLab, and Keeper releasing later this month. Leveraging standards-based SCIM integration adds an automated, deeper level of control over the full user lifecycle so that any user status changes made within JumpCloud are immediately updated in the corresponding applications. IT admins can instantly create new users, update existing users, manage privileged access, and deactivate users for the integrated application from a single cloud console, without the manual effort of managing users individually on each application. 

“With JumpCloud’s SCIM integrations, automating user lifecycle management with instantaneous provisioning, attribute updates, and deactivation will make onboarding users easier than ever, and will frankly save IT admins a ton of time,” said Zach Boewer, manager of cyber security and engineering at Private Wealth Management.

Admins can also take advantage of JumpCloud SAML SSO and JIT for end user access and admin management of more than 700 preconfigured business-focused apps and thousands of other applications from the same platform used to manage devices, networks, servers, storage and network infrastructure, and more. With the addition of SCIM to the preexisting SAML capabilities, JumpCloud continues to centralize the management of business applications.

“The JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT and devops a modern solution to securely manage identity and access to IT resources regardless of platform, provider, protocol, or location,” said Bill Mrochek, head of product at JumpCloud. “JumpCloud’s expanding catalog of business applications that use the SCIM protocol offers a depth of functionality enabling admins to provision user accounts, sync attribute data, and deactivate users instantly. By adding this capability admins can leverage and manage a unified identity from anywhere across all their managed endpoints.”

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JumpCloud has reimagined directory services to transform how IT delivers workers secure and easy access to technology. The rise of cloud, web apps, and remote work made it hard for IT to secure employees while supporting their need to work however and wherever they want: as a result IT teams have wrestled with an increasing number of identity, access, and device management products as they try to recreate what Active Directory achieved in an on-premises centric world. The JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT and devops a modern solution to securely manage and connect users to IT resources regardless of platform, provider, protocol, or location. With JumpCloud, organizations increase employee productivity and protect identities, while enabling convenient connection.

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