Application Single Sign-On

Application SSO Configuration

JumpCloud is directory services for the modern workplace. Admins who use JumpCloud for system management, LDAP authentication, and RADIUS networking can also manage user access to Asana accounts with the cloud directory service. By consolidating identity and access management, JumpCloud Provides True Single Sign-On for organizations.

  • Web Application Authentication with SAML 2.0-based Single Sign-On
  • Legacy Application Authentication with LDAP-based Single Sign-On
  • Group-based Application Access Control
  • End User Access
  • Web Application Authentication as well as instant user provisioning, updates, & deactivation with SCIM supported Apps.


  • SAML 2.0 for supported web-application providers.
  • SAML SP and IdP-initiated authentication support.
  • LDAP-as-a-Service for legacy/on-premise application and IT resource authentication.
  • Group-based membership controls to enable or restrict resource access as needed.
  • Easy administrative configuration and management of SAML and LDAP integration interfaces.
  • Generic SAML Connector that allows integration with any application that supports SAML 2.0-based SSO.
  • SCIM Authentication & Provisioning for supported web-application providers.


  • One identity for all application access.
  • Single sign-on access to leading SaaS applications.
  • Standards-based configuration (SAML 2.0, SCIM, & LDAP).
  • Central control over what users can access.
  • Tight security over application access.
Learn more about Application SSO in our Support Center documentation.

Pre-configured SAML Applications: